Hi. I'm Sara - wife, mama, writer, and most importantly, follower of Jesus.

I love writing, travel, books, coffee, dark chocolate, culture, summer, sunshine, the smell of grass on wet cement, theology, time with friends, wizened folk and ice cream.

This is Matt. He's the Husband-Man. He's an RN and on track to finish his Family Nurse Practitioner degree in December 2014.

We have two boys, Micah and Asher. Micah is 3 1/2. He's our gorgeous, happy, hilarious, independent love of our lives. Asher is two. He's our headstrong, sweet, cuddly, adorable chunky monkey.

We also have a baby girl, Grace Haven. She was stillborn on April 26th, 2013. You can visit my page Story of Grace to read more of her story.

I'm in constant process as I walk with Jesus and learn to live and love like he does, and I often write about the journey

These are my stories. Welcome to my life.


  1. Wow! I found your page through a photography website (photographer depot), and was more thrilled to hear sound theology from a sister in Christ! My husband and I will be praying for you and your family as you go through this difficult time with little Grace.

  2. Just was invited to the chili supper and discovered your story. What an inspiration you are already. I know God will use this struggle for good as He always does. I pray His hand will cover and guide her in her days ahead .. that His healing power will transform her health and continue to transform your lives and those around you. I believe that this difficulty will be turned into opportunity to give God glory. He is faithful. Bless your family. May He continue to give you an extra measure of faith to walk through this valley.

  3. Sara, I have so enjoyed reading through your blog. Truly, you are a gifted writer. How I could relate with your description of grief. We look forward to the Chili Supper, and have been and will continue to pray for you!
    MerriLee Valentine

  4. Hey Sarah-
    This is Selina. I don't know how to contact you privately so I thought I would leave a message here with my email and then you could delete after you saw it. I am living in Lakeside, Montana right now. Being in Montana makes me think of you often. I miss reading your posts and seeing updates on your beautiful family. My email is sgtolson@hotmail.com, please send me a message when you have a chance. Love, Selina

  5. Hey Sara, we have a family friend that just went through a loss of a new born. They are really stuggling. Was wondering if I could pass your info along. My email is kendra.wisherd@gmail.com. Thanks!