May 22, 2015

Luke's Dr. Suess-themed 1st Birthday

This week we celebrated our Lukey's first birthday.

He doesn't actually turn one until the 26th but my dear friend Marissa and I decided to join parties since our boys are only two days apart. It's been fun to walk this journey with her, from finding out we were both pregnant to having due dates two days apart to actually having them two days apart to comparing newborn notes and who's eating what and who's biting while breastfeeding and who's having serious sleep regressions and how Luke weighs TEN pounds more than wee Anthony.

Luke capitalizing on the 10-pound difference.

Lots of fun to do life so closely with dear friends.

Marissa came up with the idea to do a Dr. Seuss party and it was perfect! Definitely my favorite themed party ever. And for a non-crafty, non-Pinteresty, non-cake making, non-details being like me, having Marissa was kind of like having LeBron play for my JV team.

 Some (almost) one-year old stats (for my sake)...

Eating: I officially weaned him about 8 weeks ago. I was actually the most sad about it than any of the others. We're about 99% sure he has a dairy sensitivity so we avoid most dairy. I can't quite get a handle on what he loves/doesn't love. I think sometimes he has an issue with textures but then he'll eat something easily that disproves that. I think he just chooses to be a fussy eater sometimes.

Sleep: he's a fantastic sleeper and has been for a long time. He sleeps a solid, uninterrupted 12 hours at night. Sometimes he naps once a day but still mostly twice a day.

Personality: he has really developed a personality the last couple of months. He's been such a laid-back, take-it-all-in kid that it was hard to know what he was really like. But he's really come into his own. He's super happy and loves to smile and play and do things that will make us laugh. He's very opinionated about his brothers, either in that he thinks they're being hilarious or that they better not touch his head or personage one more time. He loves a good snuggle and will burrow deep into your shoulder as long as you have his blankie ready.

We just honestly love this little guy so much, it's hard to really put it into words. He brings us so much joy and to say we delight in him is putting it mildly. I am so thankful the Lord gave him to us and I just look so forward to getting to know him better and better.

Can you tell he's trying not to touch the grass?

Happy (almost) first birthday, Lukey, we love you to the moon and beyond and back!