October 14, 2014

Where do we find ourselves this fall season?

I can't believe I haven't posted since August. I wanted to give my blog a big, fluffy hug when I pulled it up just now. I miss writing. I miss this place. I write often in my journal but there's something about thinking out loud and "conversating" with others through this space.

Life is rolling along as usual around here. In place of trying to catch up on all my thoughts, I'll post an update on each of us. (It's also fun for me to come back and read what life was like at different seasons.)

He's in his final three months of clinicals for the Family Nurse Practitioner program. I (we) have never wanted something to be done and over with so much in our entire lives. It's been the most intense three years we've ever experienced. (Don't anyone ever tell me that you can't go to school because you have a family. Matt has done it working full-time the entire time WHILE having babies and kids and losing our precious daughter and moving twice and a whole lot more.) It's only by the grace of God and Matt's hard (HARD) work that we've come so far and the finish line is in sight but if God can give us the grace to do it, he can give anyone the grace to do it. It also helps that he loves clinicals (which is good because it's what he'll be doing so that's great, right?). He (we) are just weary of juggling so many responsibilities - work, clinicals, school, studying, family. But, as always, Matt's just plain awesome about everything.

His mom and dad both visited us in the last month.

I'm also plugging along. I turned 31 a few weeks ago and I know this is so cliche I can't hardly stand it, but really the 30s are so much better than the 20s. I feel like for the first time I'm really understanding who and how and why I am. I'm not self-conscious or apologetic anymore about things (like having a strong-willed personality). It's how Jesus made me and especially the last couple of years I've found so much comfort and encouragement and celebration of who I am (rather than the regular stream of "correction" and discouragement I've gotten from many people along the way). And Matt (who matters the most) tells me regularly, I love who you are. I love that guy. I have more to share, about my Grace and things Jesus has been teaching me about myself and parenting, but I'll save those for a separate post.

He's 4 1/2 and in pre-school at a new school this year. We're all loving it, especially him. The teacher is fantastic and he comes home with such quality things he's learning. The other day we were driving away from a park and out of nowhere he started asking me questions about Jesus and how he lives in our hearts and how can he live in two places at once. I pulled the car over to talk to him face to face because the questions warranted undivided attention. I explained as simply as possible the Gospel (which is really simple or Jesus wouldn't have praised children for understanding what the most learned couldn't). I could tell his wheels were turning. I pray unceasingly that Jesus would draw the hearts of my sons to himself and I have great peace knowing I never have to force anything. Jesus is powerful enough, I just need to be mindful of those goldmine moments. Micah continues to grow up (why? WHY??) and amaze us with who he's becoming. He's very different than me and sometimes he and I struggle because of that but like I've told him for as long as I can remember, I love you and I love who you are. 

Asher just turned 3 and this little guy is a firecracker, and we love him for it. He's probably the most like me which means I often know how to engage with him. His age group filled up this year for pre-school so he's home with Luke and me but he's fine with it. He loves to play with Micah and others but he plays great by himself too. I love to watch him when he doesn't know I'm watching. He has such a vivid imagination and has whole worlds running smoothly with just a few cars and legos and airplanes. He's the most affectionate of us all and is constantly saying things like, Mom, you're piddy. I love you. He can be very stubborn if the mood hits him but overall he's very amiable and fun to be around.

He's 4 1/2 months now and also 20 pounds and oh, this little guy. He has completely stolen our hearts. I love him so much. He's finally started sleeping through the night again (like 7-7ish) after a severe sleep regression that nearly sent me into the abyss. Overall he's a very happy, contented baby. He loves Micah especially and Micah loves trying to make him smile and laugh. It's the sweetest thing to see. Sweet wee one.

(I couldn't refrain from overposting pictures of him. But he's the baby, it goes with the territory.) 

So here we are. A brief recap of where we've been these fall days. I'll be writing more about my sweet Grace and other thoughts I've been thinking but this'll do for now.

I love hearing back from you guys and I read and try to respond back to every comment (both here and on Facebook) so tell me, what have your days looked like?

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  1. I know we only know each other through Michelle in passing but I LOVE reading your posts. They are so encouraging and inspiring. In this season of my life where I don't have a lot of close friends around, reading your stuff is like having a good conversation (although one sided ;) ) with a great friend. You truly have a gift for writing and keeping it real! Keep writing and I'll keep reading :)