July 14, 2014

Life the last few weeks, with lots of pictures to show for it

I have random pictures from the last several weeks from both my fancy phone and my phone so I'll just post the pictures and tell the story behind them and get a little caught up on life.

(I know many of you commented through my Facebook posts but now that I've deleted my account, feel free to comment here! I love to read them and I try to respond to them all!)

Micah was so excited to learn the secret of the dandelion. He de-dandelioned our entire yard after finding out he could blow them away.

Matt's mom and step-dad.

This is three weeks postpartum and originally I wasn't going to post any pictures of myself because I was feeling self-conscious about having my baby weight still, but then I thought of all the ridiculous pressure women face to lose the weight 3 hours after birth and I thought, That's total crap. I've had 4 babies in 4 years, of course my body looks different THREE weeks after giving birth. I refuse to give into that kind of nonsense and social pressure. Anyways, getting off my soapbox now...

The TWO whole bison we saw.

Such a stunning background! 

I love this little guy.

I did a gender reveal shot for some friends and Micah wanted me to take a picture of his profile like I had of my pregnant friend! So cute and funny!

Such a sweet boy. I love his silly, sweet nature.

The rest of these are off my phone and in no particular order.

Just wearing a Big Bird suit while playing at the Children's Museum.

I love the way my mom loves my kids.

We went camping the Fourth of July weekend so Matt was getting our supplies ready. 

We met our good friends first at Holland Lake and this is the drive there. 

Hands down, Micah and Asher's favoritest friends. 

The water was only slightly below Siberian winter temperatures.

Can't beat the backdrop though!

This is how this guy likes to celebrate. A little nap in the great outdoors, no?

Headed to Whitefish for camping and we were prepared with entertainment. Isn't the zoned out look a little concerning? :)

I never tire of this view.

Whitefish was having a downtown festival and this was one of the stands. 

Favorite place to have my littlest guy.

Micah lost his mind with excitement over the train. We got to watch one arrive and link to another one; it was actually really cool.

We first learned about this place when we saw them on House Hunters (the owners) and so we had to try it when we were there. It's called Red Caboose and they serve frozen yogurt and coffee. SO GOOD. Try it if you're there.

Going down the alpine slide!

Riding the chair lift back up.

I don't have any pictures of the five of us riding the chair lift up the whole mountain (they're on Matt's phone.) It's so beautiful at the top. You can see all the way into Canada.

Luke doesn't mind camping one bit.

So pretty!

I'm so glad my parents came; they totally made the trip. And the boys always love their Nana and Papa being there.


Whitefish beach. I could have stayed here all day.

Spontaneous disc golfing one night.

Oh my gosh, I cannot get over this hat (except he refuses to wear it anymore now that the novelty has worn off).

Just my little 6-week 14-pounder is all.

Ha! Caught him red-handed. He got those down himself, little stinker.
I was sitting on our front porch this week watching the moonrise and this mama deer and her baby walked out right in front of me!

Hard to tell but the baby is behind her. It was so neat! Between the moonrise and this, I felt like I was in a Narnia movie.

We had just walked back from Courtney's house (in the 767-degree weather while wearing Luke and pushing Micah and Asher) and I thought I was gonna pass out from the heat, so this is Luke and me in the dark in our bedroom under the fan trying to get our temperatures down to normal levels.

Whew, picture overload! I'm hoping to start writing more regularly now so I should be back with more content soon. Happy Monday!