April 22, 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant

Oh my goodness, there's so much I want to catch up on the last couple of weeks, including a recap of the conference and our time away in Denver, but I'll save that for the next couple of days.

For now, I'll do a pregnancy update or I know I'll keep putting it off and then he'll be here and that'll be the end of that. And sorry for the terrible quality of pictures. Bathroom selfies were all I could get while Matt's at work and the boys are napping. (I mean, I could set up the timer on my fancy camera but then that would entail setting up my tripod and the timer...and ain't nobody got time for that.)

How far along: 34 weeks.

Total weight/gain: I hadn't gained anything at my last appointment from my previous appointment which follows the trend of my other pregnancies. In the final 6-7 weeks I either plateau or lose a pound or two. Amen and Hallelujah.

Maternity clothes: 100%. I'm actually down to very few (if any) shirts that comfortably reach all the way down to the bottom of my belly. I may need to do another thrift store run to look for some oversize everyday-wear ones. (FYI, I get most of my maternity clothes from the thrift store and couldn't recommend it more. If you go regularly and pick up a couple of items here and there, you build quite the wardrobe for super cheap. I have Liz Lange, Motherhood Maternity, etc., all second-hand and in great condition for about $4-$6 per item.)

Stretch marks: I don't think I have any new ones besides the few on my sides that I've had since Micah's pregnancy.

Sleep: is a booger. Matt was out of town for 9 days last week and I got spoiled rotten having the bed to myself. So between having to adjust to sharing the space again and getting up 17,000 times a night to go to the bathroom and the hip and back pain, sleep's not too good.

Best moment this week: Hitting the 34 week mark and really starting to feel like I'm in the final stretch.

Miss anything? Not being in constant sciatica pain and sleeping well.

Food cravings: Not so much. I still have to have protein or I become very hangry.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really.

Gender: Sweet baby boy! Luke Honor.

Labor signs: I've actually started having a few painful contractions, a few that I've even had to breathe deeply through. I talked to my doctor about it and he said it can happen earlier with subsequent pregnancies. Other than that, just the regular Braxton-hicks.

Symptoms: Near-constant sciatica and back pain, difficulty getting up and down, getting out of breath easily, just overall feeling bigger and ready to go.

Wedding rings, on or off? Mostly off nowadays.

Happy or moody most of the time? Depends on how much sleep I've had. If I feel mentally rested, pretty happy. If I feel mentally exhausted and my eyes are tired, I'm pretty moody.

Looking forward to: I love labor and the anticipation leading up to it and of course holding him in my arms and soaking his sweet face up.

Well, there you go. Hopefully, I remember to do another one before he gets here!

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