February 01, 2014

Micah's 4th Birthday and a Birthday Questionnaire

Today is my oldest child's fourth birthday.

Stop it. This is it. This is the last year that he's allowed to get a year older. We keep telling him that and he laughs and tells us that he will be big like us. No. No he will not.

(For those of you new here who enjoy a good birth story, you can go here and here to read the story of Micah Justice's entrance into this world. Some of my favorite and most treasured memories.)

I decided to do a birthday questionnaire with him, an idea that I got from Kelly's Korner blog. I will love looking back and seeing what his answers were when he was four years old.

1. Favorite color: Blue

2. Favorite toy: Jake telescope

3. Favorite TV show: Veggie Tales

4. Favorite movie: Dusty (Planes)

Showing me four years old.

His smile melts me. 

5. Favorite food: Pizza

6. Favorite animal: Monkey

7. Favorite song: Speak Life (by TobyMac)

8. Best friends: Mommy

9. Favorite drink: Ore-chasta (horchata)

10. Favorite thing to play outside: Riding bikes

11. Favorite breakfast: Smoothie

12. Favorite thing about school: Miss Daisy

13. Favorite thing about Asher: Play with Asher.

14. Favorite thing about Daddy: Daddy plays with me.

15. Favorite thing about Mommy: Snuggies with Mommy.

16. Favorite dessert: Ice cream

17. What do you want to be when you grow up: Spiderman

Oh, where will your journey take you, sweet boy?

Hopefully always back to us. 

My sweet, sweet boy. You are the apple of our eyes and our heart's delight. Happy 4th birthday!

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