November 02, 2013

Growing a Baby in Mommy's Belly in the Grass

I haven't written much the last couple of weeks since we made our big announcement. Mostly because I've been the busiest I've ever been with photography sessions (people wanted to get in on the Fall colors before we lost them all) and partly because Morning Sickness: 7,549. Me: 0.

But like I told the boys yesterday, Yes, Mommy is sick and not feeling well but Mommy is thankful because that means there's a baby growing in Mommy's belly. Or as Micah has started requesting nighttime prayers for: For the baby in Mommy's belly to grow in the grass. Let's get an Amen to that, yes?

Yesterday, November 1st, was one year to the day that we found out we were pregnant with sweet baby Grace. A day I remember like it happened only yesterday. The overwhelming joy and happiness. All of the innocence and joy of new life and none of the sorrow of a bleak future.

I've been doing pretty well but on her 6-month birthday I was hit afresh with the grief. Why, God? Why Grace? Why a rare heart defect? I'm not saying in that moment my questions were wrapped up with answers and a pretty bow but the next couple of days the Lord did remind me of some amazing things that have come of it that I'm not sure would've happened through other means. Do I still want her back? All the time. More than I could put into words. Am I thankful for a sweet baby girl's life that has touched so many hearts that I'll never know the full extent? Yes.

I think we're officially at the end of Fall if the five million leaves per every three square feet of ground are any indication. Every day I look at it and think, Maybe today I'll start raking. And then I realize that I've lost my mind and move on to more important things like Reality.

Here are some pictures that Matt took of the boys riding their bikes (their most favorite thing in the entire world).

Look at Asher with his feet up! He goes as fast as he can and then coasts with his feet up. 

I wish you could see the full Double Chin action.

Headed out for their regular neighborhood ride.
I use this time to not listen to one more request for food or drink nor to "play a puzzle" with anyone

Enjoy your weekend, my friends.


  1. Asher is doing so well on his bike! Adorable pics as always---I love and miss our Sweet Baby Grace and always will. I saw some scooters they might like for Christmas! Stay warm and happy and enjoy your no puzzle moments--believe it or not one day you will so miss them. I would love to come rake your leaves!


    1. Sweet Mama Linda, I know you would! We miss you. We always miss you. :(

  2. I had morning sickness 24/7 when I was pregnant. The only way I could face another day of huggin a toilet was to tell myself that the sickness was a sign that I still had a baby growing inside me. I pray it gets better for you.