October 02, 2013

Mommies Grieving With Hope

Interesting how the Lord binds your heart with a person you've never met face to face. I first "met" Sarah through Still Standing Magazine, a website specifically for people who have lost children or are struggling with infertility. I clicked to her personal website and could not believe the similarities between our stories, from losing our only baby girls to naming our sons the same name. I emailed her and we have since kept in touch via email and blogging.

I had talked about starting a Series on Stillbirth but was trying to discern the best platform to reach mamas who could specifically relate. Sarah then talked to me about her idea for starting a website for grieving mamas that's Christ-centered. A place to find understanding and empathy and the hope of Christ's redemption.

She asked if I wanted to share my story and I absolutely did because this is exactly the type of place I had in mind for reaching like-minded mamas. So today is the kick-off day for this website and I wanted to let you know about it.

Take a look around. Share it with others who need to find it. Read our story. Submit your own.

And may God grow it beyond Sarah's wildest imagination to reach others for their healing and his glory.

Click here to connect to Mommies Grieving With Hope.

Here are a couple family pictures we had taken recently by the very talented Shannan Painter Photography.

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  1. Thank you Sara ... so glad we connected. And, I love the new look and pictures by the way ... beautiful!