July 24, 2013

What Do You Think - Do the Boys Look Like Each Other?

Oh. Hello.

It's like I haven't seen you in a couple weeks. But that's because a certain child whom I shall leave unnamed whose name rhymes with Basher/Crasher/Trasher (hmm...fitting, no?) sent my computer to its near death. Thus requiring many a day in the arms of another. And only yesterday did I receive it back as my own.

May I never type on an iPad again, forever and ever, amen and amen.

I was recently talking with a friend about genetics (seeing as how my husband has passed on nigh unto none of his genes to our sons, save a chin dimple) and I said that I would go back and post some side by sides of Micah and Asher to compare once and for all how much they do or don't favor each other.

Here is Micah at 18 months and Asher at just a few days old.

In the following pictures, Asher is on the left and Micah is on the right.

I recently came across some baby pictures of Matt and after discussing how much the boys don't look like him, Matt said he had some questions of his own. :) The boys just don't look anything like him!

Asher (L), Matt (center), and Micah (R)

This stuff is so fascinating to me. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of me as a baby. I'll have to track down the ones my mom does have and see how they compare. The one below is the four of us at roughly the same age. 

Interesting, no? What about you, do you bear striking resemblances to your parents or children? 

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  1. Okay your kids are just too stinking cute! I think Micah and Matt look alike in the last picture! And that the boys both have his nose!

    Either way your kids def got the cutie pie gene mix!