June 03, 2013

Part 2: Why Didn't God Heal Grace?

(Part 1 here.)

Part 2 starts with a story. You may get to the end and wonder how it relates at all to Grace but stick with me, it will all connect in the end.

From the day Grace passed to the closing on our house we had three weeks to find a place to live. Three weeks to find a place that also didn't tie us down to a long-term lease because eventually we wanted to buy. Well, do you know how many places offer short-term or month-to-month leases in this city (or the entire universe for that matter)? Negative 752.

With very little time to spare and by God's gracious intervention we finally found a place, thus beginning Phase 2 of our Ridiculous Amounts of Stress plan. Do we buy? Or do we rent until Matt finishes school in a year and a half? And if we rent, do we stay in our tiny apartment or do we find a bigger place? If we find a bigger place, do we pay the same as a mortgage? Or do we buy?

Round and round we've gone. Which brings me to my story. I don't possibly have the space here to tell the full backstory to this story but suffice it to say it's pretty remarkable. So I'll pick up two weeks ago. This house that we have a history with here had come up on the market and our real estate agent called us the day it did to let us know. This is now the third house on this street that we've wanted to put an offer in on and this is the first time we've finally been able to do so.

As soon as Matt got off work that day we met our agent to see it. It was perfect. Perfect. It not only had everything on our must-have list (big yard and in town), it had even more which made it even extra super cool. Let's revisit how long it had been on the market.

One day. Day One. First day. On the market.

As we drove home to get in touch with our broker I prayed out loud that God would give us his wisdom in this whole process and if there was any reason we shouldn't pursue it that he would unmistakably close the door.

When we got home Matt called our broker to get our ducks in a final row so we could submit an offer. Over the course of the first few minutes of the conversation something Matt said caught our broker's attention. He finally asked Matt to give him the exact address of this house. And then he said,

You're never going to believe this but I literally just completed the buy/sell on that house.

What. Are the odds. What are the odds that in a city of over 100,000 and who knows how many brokers that our broker completed the buy/sell on the house that we wanted on the first day it was on the market? I'll tell you what the odds are. 1 in 7 trillion.

Those were no odds. Hadn't I already learned that God doesn't roll the dice for our lives?

We were completely knocked flat. Totally deflated. I had really thought that finally we had this. Finally something was working out for the love of everything good and holy.

But God had answered my prayer. He'd made it unmistakably clear.

And I wasn't thankful. I was furious.

The rest of the story to be continued...

But before I go here's a peek into some of our recent days.

This boy. I love him so much I can't stand it.

He insisted on wearing his helmet for our walk. In his stroller.

And his big brother. I love this kid so much I can't stand it.
(Note the ankle socks and too-small bike.) 
I love him.


  1. Sara, what a cliff hanger!!! I want to know the rest of this story! Maybe you will write again later today...

  2. Can't leave us hanging, girl! ;-)

  3. I'm sorry, girls, it would've been too long! I won't leave you hanging too long, I promise. :)

    1. Too long? No such thing, ma'am - love to read your writing! :-)

  4. I think I can see where this is going. And if I'm right...I totally get it and wish I didn't. Hugs! Love the helmet and socks. :)