June 14, 2013

Our Recent Days in Pictures

I have things on my mind, thoughts to be written, but I find once the boys' bedtime or naptime (my time to write) comes, I'm worn. Too worn to mold my thoughts into form.There are some posts simmering but for now here are some recent happenings in picture form.

I'm slowly getting back into photography. In the last couple of weeks I've done some practice sessions with some close friends of mine.

Please disregard how entirely AWFUL I look in the following picture. (Major shout-out to Molli and Ali for looking awesome.) We three girls did a 5-day a week bootcamp at 5:30 for two weeks. We're kind of amazing.

Please note the following:

1. 5:30 AM. (That's in the morning for the laypeople.) 

2. NO MAKEUP. (Except mascara.) (Which doesn't count when it's 5:30 IN THE MORNING.) (And I only did mascara the first day. And then I decided that's dumb and never again.)

3. Chubby Face. Not sure what to say about this one except....Chubby Face.

This was out our living room window one night. Montana is stunning. I love it here. I love our lives here. It's crazy to me that July 31st/August 1st will mark six years that we drove these streets for the first time, having never stepped foot in this state and not knowing a single person. Our lives are so rich and full here now that it's hard to comprehend.

These are my recent book purchases. Already finished Kisses from Katie. Loved it and would daresay it's a must-read. I'm going to wait to start Mended until we finish our summer Bible study because we'll be reading Unglued (for my second time).

Yes. Amen. My friends and I decided a Girl's Night is needed immediately in order to partake of this goodness.

We celebrated my mom's birthday with Red Robin and Bernice's Bakery dark chocolate raspberry cake.  

I went swimsuit shopping with friends. All three of us found ones we were happy with (not at Wal-mart). Two of us may be twinsies. Two of us may not care. Three of us did NOT choose the above swimsuit. Three of us hope neither did any of the 5,952,419,999 other people living on this planet. 

I came home to find these snuggies happening. Love, love, love.

There's a lot of life happening. Happy and sorrow. Joy and grief. Side by side. Grace's loss has settled down deep, an ever-present companion. 

This fell out of my Bible recently. I remember buying it for her like it was yesterday. I remember standing at the swivel thing looking for the "G's" and then for "Grace." I remember how happy I was when I saw the verse that was on it. I so hoped and prayed it would be true in the way I wanted it to be true. My deepest desire was for her healing. It was for her life here with us. I prayed unceasingly that she would outlive us. 

But in intentional ways that I'll treasure in my heart the Lord has reminded me of this verse more than once and reminded me that even when things turn out differently than what I hoped, I can still trust him with the desires of my heart. 

And so can you. 


  1. Sweet :) And you are funny! I do enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Thanks, Gabi, I love hearing from you. :)

  2. Love your pictures, you, and your chubby face :)

    1. Babe. I love you too even if you agree with my chubby face. :)

  3. I have been reading through your blog posts and had to come back here and leave a comment at the first post that I started with. I am SO delighted to have found your blog and am so touched by your writing. Honored to be your newest follower via GFC.

    :) Rebecca

    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca. That's so encouraging, I'm glad you found it!