March 20, 2013

In Which We're Not Going on Vacation to Florida (But Look, Pictures!)

Matt finished a term on Sunday so we feel like we've been given a bit of a reprieve. (For three weeks at least.) I feel like we should be going to Disneyland! The Bahamas! Phoenix! Hawaii! Not Montana!

But I'll take the break from school and be happy. Even if it kills me. (As we endured a mini snowstorm two days ago.)

I needed a little happiness after remembering our snowstorm. This picture fills that void.

If you haven't checked out Baby Poppy's website, please do. She is on ECMO (life support), but it's to give her heart a rest from the 13-hour surgery on Monday. At first they only updated that she was on ECMO with no explanation and when I read it I felt like somebody punched me in the stomach.

This isn't just someone else's story. This is our story too. It brought all my worst fears to the surface. I've been doing a little better lately at turning to Jesus first though, before I let myself stew in all my fears and anxieties for a crockpot hour. Know what I mean?

Here are some pictures from our recent days.

Picnic on the kitchen floor was our only option for A) Feeding my children dinner, and B) Keeping the house clean for a showing.

When Asher woke up from his nap yesterday I had to change his diaper but they were in the bedroom that the boys share where Micah was taking a nap. I pulled some undies from the clean clothes pile and spent the next 30 minutes dying every time I looked at him.

Micah has adopted a pre-bedtime routine of reading a Berenstein Bears book while sitting on the pot. (It's very patience-producing.) Hence, Matt multi-tasking (cutting his nails) while making sure Micah stays focused on the task at hand.

I had some friends over today and had such a great time. I love these girls. Asher enjoyed showing Libby Rose the Doctor's Office Toy ropes.

Caylee and Libby chatting it up. I think I heard mention of hair bows and manicures but it was kind of hard to pick out amidst the gurgling and grunts.

 The girls! Molli, Jami, and Jordan.

Jami and I have a picture just like this with our firstborns when they were about the same age!


Time passes way too quickly.

I'll be starting a page for Grace soon here so it makes it easier to read her story and updates. It just entails me bringing out my inner Technical Side which, ironically, doesn't exist. Hugs?

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