March 04, 2013

How Our Daughter's Story is Already Changing Our Lives

I have to be honest, after my last post I felt conviction - I needed to remember some important things I have to be grateful for.

One of the things that our pediatric cardiologist told us is that Baby Grace's heart condition is incompatible with life apart from surgery. And this surgery is only 32 years old. Which means that if many of the people I love so much had been born with this same condition, I wouldn't know them today.

So even though things are going to look differently than I thought, I'm thankful for many things. Number one being that she was born in this time and that God puts it into the heart of people to create and invent technology that saves the lives of so many.

Even though I won't get to deliver where or how I want to, I'm thankful to live in a country that provides multiple options for delivery and surgery. Many, many, many people in this world don't even have access to clean water, much less medical facilities that save lives.

And while I may not get to deliver in our hospital's new birthing suites, I get to deliver in a clean, modern hospital when many other women today will give birth in unsanitary conditions and places because there's nothing else available to them.

Perspective, perspective, perspective.

Matt and I believe very strongly in the Bible's instruction for giving to the poor and taking responsibility for meeting their needs. (I don't say this to toot our horn - yuck.) I say it to highlight a way God has already used our situation to meet the needs of others.

We've wanted to give more to meet the needs of the poor and so I was doing some research online to see where we could give. We already sponsor several kids through both Compassion and World Vision (both exemplary organizations with high financial integrity and accountability) so I was looking on Compassion's website to see if there was another way we could give to them and I came across this. Please take a moment to read through the following description.

Rescue Babies & Mothers
    Elim Pentecoste Babati Child Survival Program (Tanzania)
    West of Arusha, Tanzania
    In Tanzania, west of Arusha, poverty is taking its toll on newborn babies. As a result, there is a high infant mortality rate in the community of Babati.
    Mothers in this community often have no access to medical facilities. As a result, these young mothers face complications during delivery.
    In turn, newborn babies tend to suffer from preventable diseases as well as malnutrition at the beginning of their fragile lives.
    This is where Compassion’s Child Survival Program (CSP) steps in.
    Located west of Arusha, the Elim Pentecoste Babati Child Survival Program is coming alongside mothers to help them deliver and raise a healthy baby.
    Mothers in this CSP are taught:
    • how to stay healthy during pregnancy
    • health education
    • safe food preparation
    • how to encourage healthy development in their baby
    Mothers who attend this CSP receive nutritious food and vitamins, which are essential to the growth and development of their baby.
    They also learn about Jesus and receive a Bible.
    When you support this center you are not just sustaining the life of an infant, you are providing a chance for mothers and babies to thrive.
    Rescue babies and mothers? Yes, please! So I signed us up to give monthly to the Child Survival Programs in both Tanzania and Uganda.

    Our daughter, by God's grace (and we pray unceasingly for it), will live because we have access to high-tech healthcare and medical intervention. Many of these children, who would otherwise be born healthy and whole, will not live simply because they don't have access to basic healthcare. You better believe I signed us up for that!

    How about you? Would you consider signing up to sponsor a child or one of these Child Survival Programs? It might mean less coffees that month, or eating in instead of eating out, or buying some clothes second-hand (which most of ours are), but at the end of your life when you stand in eternity before a holy God, don't you want most of what you spent your time and money and life on to echo in eternity? 

    The joy that giving brings is indescribable. See for yourself.

    And will you let me know if you do, I'd love to hear about it and how God uses it in your life and theirs!

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