February 07, 2013

Results of Blood Test

Here's the moral of this story. Don't ever play poker or the lottery or any other game with me that involves taking a gander.

Because here's my track record.

I thought Micah was a girl and he's a boy.

I thought Asher was a girl and he's a boy.

I thought this baby was a boy and she's a girl.

Or maybe the moral is if I make an "educated" guess, go with the opposite.

This morning the specialist called with the results of the blood test that I took a couple of weeks ago. The purpose of this test was to confirm or rule out the three most common chromosomal abnormalities: Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, or Down's Syndrome.

Wait for it...

He said the results showed normal! He said that even though that doesn't rule out a chromosomal abnormality possibility, only those three, it's still good news. The ultrasound tomorrow will fill in some major gaps of what we can semi-expect in the future.

We continue to trust the Lord and his character but also still ask you to continue to pray. We're very, very anxious about tomorrow. Honestly, we're terrified of getting bad news. But I don't even want to entertain that as long as there's a heartbeat and as long as there's hope.

So thank you for celebrating with us and Baby Girl and please keep praying!

(By the way, her name will be forthcoming...)

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  1. Praise God!! I'm praying so hard for your ultrasound today. (((hugs)))