February 01, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Micah Justice!

Today my oldest child is 3. I can hardly wrap my brain around that. All day yesterday I was marking different times in my mind.

At this time 3 years ago we were eating at Good Food Store and I was having regular contractions and I had to stop and hold the chair on our way out.

At this time I was refusing an epidural and we were all miserable.

At this time I thought I was going to die.

And then, at 1:19 on the morning of February 1st, you were born.

The night before you were born.

(And has become my tradition, here are the links to his birth story.)

Birth Story Part 1

Part 2

Exhausted and happy.

World's best daddy.

Micah, you blow my mind every single day. As I thought about what to say to you about who you are, I drew a complete blank. How do I wrap up 1,095 days of an unbelievable little life into mere words? To say you are smart, funny, tenderhearted, loyal, protective, compassionate - these barely scratch the surface.

So just know we think you're the best thing since.....the creation of donuts.

And for memory's sake, a written record of some of the funniest things you say...

Scoose me, mama, scoose me. (Excuse me.)

Get some chock-lick? (Chocolate.)

If you do something for Asher, this is how the "conversation" goes:

Ex. You give Asher a toy.

Micah: Say thank you Ash-ur.


Micah: Your WEL-come.

Mommy, check your oatmeal? (Email.)

Get horchasta? (Horchata.)

If you wike to talk to tomadoes, if a swash can make you smile, if you like to wazz with podadoes...*incoherent singing along*.....down the pwoduce aisle....*high-pitched voice*....veggie tayels, veggie tayels....veg-gie tayels! Bwoccowi, cerewry, gotta be...veggie tayels! 

I wish I could bottle you up with your sweet voice and keep it by my bedside until the end of my days.

And a look back through the annals of time.

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

Halloween 2010 (Oscar Meyer wiener)

Halloween 2011 (zookeeper)

Halloween 2012 (airline pilot)

Micah's love language - throwing rocks in the river.

I love the bond between these two.

Growing up way too fast!

Happy birthday to my favorite 3-year old on the planet. You are the apple of our eyes and we love you to the moon and back.

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