February 06, 2013

Doctor Visit and Update

(Written yesterday.)

I'm finding that it's easiest to keep everyone updated through here.

Encouraging news first.

The last 4 times in the past 3 weeks that I've gone in to monitor Baby's heart rate, it has been 115, 116, 118, and just yesterday, 121. As a reminder, this is up from 60 BPM. We're very encouraged by this.

(As a side note, I've been 150% convinced we're having a girl, but about two weeks ago I had a complete change of mind and am now 150% convinced we're having a boy. We'll know for sure by Friday when we get the results of the blood test back. I couldn't be happier either way.)

So I had an appointment with my regular doctor today. It's been the first time I've been able to talk with him since the ultrasound with the specialist when we learned that things are much more serious than we thought.

I had lots of questions for him.

What have you seen of this?

What's a cystic hygroma?

What kinds of chromosomal abnormalities are possible?

What does that mean?

What are the different possible heart abnormalities?

I asked him every question I could think of. And he was as thorough as he could possibly be. He answered every question fully and to the best of his knowledge, making sure to clarify when some questions were out of his field of expertise. Some questions had answers I didn't want to hear.

Again, it's the unknown that compounds the anxiety.

Before I left I asked him what would be a best-case scenario this Friday (when we have another ultrasound with the specialist). (Besides a complete miracle.)

He said...

1) For it not to be a chromosomal abnormality.

2) For the heart issue to be something that can be corrected with surgery.

3) For the hygroma not to be any worse. (I think......he was losing me on the hygroma. For some reason I couldn't get my brain up to speed with his explanations about it.)

So there you have it. Everything is continued speculation and guess-work until Friday.

A bright spot came today when I opened the door to find these flowers being delivered. I was shocked. I've never had flowers delivered, much less this many. Thanks, dad.

Thank you again for praying for us, for the cards, the messages, the texts, the compassion, the listening ears, and a thousand other significant things. We appreciate each of you more than we can say.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes!! Lately I watch people around me..I hear their "anxieties", their complaints of the last sale they missed or their offenses towards one another because of a recent argument..i hear about people indulging in each others hurts because they feel better about themselves and their problems. And here I see you, grasping for just another heart beat for your baby, anguishing over life events that traumatize a soul to the absolute core. I'm reminded of my own petty circumstances sometimes and ask God to forgive me for my own attitudes. Sara, your story and trial reaches to center of our hearts and keeps in perspective life.. our own lives..and how precious it is. Thank you for your constant update. We continue to pray fervently for you and Matt and the boys. We love you!

    1. Michelle, you're so sweet, I love you! Things like this do have a way of giving perspective to things, though I can still find myself getting upset over trivial matters. Love you!

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  3. New follower to your blog from AZ! Praying and standing on Gods promises for your family! Psalm 62:8

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate it and we definitely need it!