January 23, 2013

What Thomas the Train Has Taught Me About Life

*Update* I think the "comments" issue is fixed. It seems Google Chrome is the problem but if you give it a few minutes, the button works to click on it. Still working on that though...

So approximately a thousand people (give or take about 983) have told me that they have a difficult time commenting on my blog. I know. And I'm at a loss. I've tried fixing it (which means I've scrolled around, Googled it, gotten distracted, found some new blogs, checked Facebook, then my email, Facebook one more time, came back to my blog to test it, found it was doing the same thing, and then went and ate a bowl of ice cream).

I simply don't know how to fix it. It seems the only way you can comment is if you are on the specific post page itself, not the home page. Yes? My MO is to hope it magically fixes itself some day in the near future.

Today I was finding the need to write about something a little lighthearted. 

So I thought I'd write about...

What Thomas the Train Has Taught Me About Life (and/or Myself)

1. Over-use of alliteration is causing my brain cells to rapidly disappear. (Particularly when I'm hearing it for the 97th time in a 3-minute segment of a 59-minute show.)

2. You don't have to have a point to make a wildly popular TV show for kids. Just use alliteration. It will sell itself. 

3. Percy is no name for a train. It's just not. Don't force the issue. 

4. In addition to not needing a point, you also do not need creativity. Make every episode exactly the same and simply incorporate ecological diversity. Nobody will ever know

5. If it will cause your ears to bleed and your IQ to lower, your child is guaranteed to love it. You can take this one to the bank. 

What has Thomas the Train taught you about life?

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