December 14, 2012

Photographer Depot December Photo Challenge

I'm linking up with today. 

The Photographer Depot is having a December Photo Challenge - Christmas Card Outtakes.

Well, if the world ain't a pretty place on a summer day with sweet tea.

Outtakes, my friends, I can do.

I mentioned in my last post that Matt and I took the kids out this past Sunday to get Christmas pictures.

Here's what we had going in our favor:

1. It was lunchtime.

2. We forgot our child's shoes.

3. It was freezing.

4. It was lunchtime.

5. We were pushing naptime.

6. Two children and a pregnant mother were starving. (See also: it was lunchtime.)

7. A certain "photographer" kept pushing the wrong button for the self-timer, culminating in lots of plastic smiles for no reason at all.

8. It was lunchtime.

As you can well imagine it was a smashing success.*

*No, it wasn't.

So December Photo Challenge, I salute you. May you be ever complete.

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