November 30, 2012

Asher's Ethnic Transformation

Matt made it home last night after being gone 6 very long days. He had to go to Kentucky for school (he's in a Master's distance learning program working on his FNP). I was pretty quiet about it only because I didn't want any random weirdos to know I was home alone with the boys for the week.

He left Saturday and Sunday was our longest day. I was sick, both with a cold and pregnancy, and we were all three climbing the walls by the time the evening came. I believe my exact text to my mom was, "I'm going batty, do you want to go to dinner?"

Seriously, my  parents receive the MVP award this week. They bought us dinner and dessert Sunday night. My mom hung out with us for much of Monday to keep us from going stir crazy. They bought us dinner again on Tuesday night. She watched the boys for a few hours on Wednesday while I got my hair done, and then she gave me all her JC Penney's coupons so I could stock up on hair stuff for $6 total.

Seriously. Amazing.

Friends also rallied and made the time fly by.

But I have never been so happy to see him as when he walked in the door last night. He was home. He was safe. And dang Kentucky if you ever see him again! (Except for next year it'll be a 10 day trip.)

Today we have plans to be family. Children's museum. Ice cream. (Matt may or may not know about that one yet.) Hanging out. Just being together. The weather is rainy and I anticipate movies, popcorn, and snuggling.

But first, can you believe this is the same child? (I cannot figure out how to get these side by side.)

Look at that hair! I had an Italian at birth and a Dutch at his first birthday.