October 02, 2012

Golden Birthdays and Church

I've had a very eventful week. Not the least of which was my golden birthday. 29 on the 29th. I've waited my whole life for that. To celebrate, most forgot. But that's ok, all is fair in love and war.

My husband did not forget. As soon as we woke up (at 9:15, bless the Lord oh my soul) he wished me happy birthday and then asked what I wanted to do. Breakfast was of utmost priority (as food always is), so we packed up the boys and headed to our favorite breakfast spot. Afterwards we hit up the People's Market, and then used my parent's place for naptime. (They live in town, we do not.)

While the boys were sleeping, I went to a bookstore and got lost in Booklandia for about an hour. (I also read the latest People.)

(It's my only weakness.)

(If that were my only weakness, I'd be amazing.)

Once the boys got up we found a new park, which we all loved. So fun. We then went to a couple of stores and then to church.

And speaking of church I have to tell you about this church. So I've kind of mentioned before that our church life was completely shaken up about a year ago. After a couple months of being in limbo we decided that it'd be best if we stepped away from the situation. In the meantime we began attending another church. Great people but ultimately we just weren't clicking.

For months we were Wanderers and Pew Warmers. This really really bothered me until we had dinner with an older, wiser couple who have pastored churches for many years and their wisdom to us was to refrain from jumping in and committing somewhere for a season of time. Let this be a season of rest and healing, they said. It was the validation I needed.

So for the last couple of months we've been at peace (most of the time) with not knowing exactly what we were doing. In the meantime we were hearing more and more about a small group of people that had been meeting weekly to pray and seek the Lord's direction about what he wanted them to do. This is a group of older, godly, wiser people who have demonstrated to be people of prayer, wisdom, trusting in the Holy Spirit, gifted in teaching, so on and so forth.

So about a month ago we visited. They're renting space out of a Lutheran building that's been there since the peak of the Middle Ages. With it being so old and all you can imagine the 60s interior. (60s was very in during the Middle Ages.)

The building is dated. The nursery appears to not have seen children in many a moon. My first indication of this was its use as a storage area. There is a tiny nursery that has, wait for it, an old grocery store bag of legos and, wait for it, a coloring book and crayons. You can imagine my sons' great excitement to see such an array of new toys.

So I preface all this to say that there is nothing about its appearance to draw us to it. Seeker-friendly if you will not. (Speaking of seeker-friendly, I've yet to find that concept in the New Testament.) (But that's a post for another day. And you know I'll go there.)

Every week begins with a potluck meal. I love sharing a meal with others. After that everyone is welcome to share prayer needs or thankfulness. Then it's opened up for prayer. After, we move to the sanctuary and have a time of worship through singing. And then the teaching. Oh, the teaching. I can tell you right this moment exactly what he taught on that first week. And the next.

It's the true exposition and exhortation of God's Word. Plain and simple. I told Matt when we left that first time that I felt like I was discipled. Actually discipled. In church of all places. For the first time in a long time I look forward to going to church. I anticipate it being a place of encouragement and true fellowship. I know that I'm going to be taught and exhorted to go deeper in my walk with the Lord, in my study of His Word.

So we're holding true to the wisdom we received. We're going slow, being careful not to commit too quickly. (We made this mistake earlier this year and fear we hurt good people unintentionally.) But after such a long season of Church Difficulty and Unrest, this has been deep wells of water to our weary souls. And we're very thankful.

And to get you through your day, a little happiness.

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