October 22, 2012

Fall, Forts, and Family Pictures

Matt's mom is visiting us this weekend so today we took her to an old Fort. It was a perfect day for it and so much fun. After a full exploration and discussion, we're now voting for a return to the way things used to be. One room schoolhouses. Small cabins. Hard work. Simplicity. (The outhouse set us back a little but we're still convinced it's a better pace of life.)

We explored the whole area, wrapped in Fall paradise.

Micah loved the train. He very sad he couldn't play on it. We were also attacked by a wild dog. (And by attacked I mean he stole our sandwich. And by wild I mean his owner was yonder.) Wild I tell you. Rabid even. Matt was legitimately attacked by a wasp. It got through The Flailing and managed to sting his finger. Why, why, do they exist?

Matt's mom attempted to take some family pictures of us but the boys were not having it, so we settled for lovey-dovey ones.

Visiting made me want to reread my Janette Oke and Lori Wick books. Anyone else? Anyone know who I'm talking about?

Linda heads home today and I already grieve. We pull out all the stops to get her to stay when she's here. Bribes. Enticements. Guilt trips. Nothing's off limits. I'll let you know how that works out.