September 27, 2012

Boys Room Makeover: Further Progress

Here are some more pics of the boys room. Some taken with my phone and some taken with my new camera. I've had my camera less than 48 hours and we already lay in bed and braid each other's hair and promise we'll be maids of honor in each other's wedding one day.

Keep in mind that I still don't have anything up on their walls because a) the thought of devirginizing our beautifully painted walls with a nail makes me need to hold a counter and steady myself, and b) I can't commit. I'm not loving the bookshelf idea as much now because I want the books to be accessible to them and easy for them to reach. I have found some world map decals that I love but $150 seems a little outrageous. Might just be me.

I also want to get a super furry fuzzy soft rug for the center of their room. But again, it's $100. We live in Montana, not Beverly Hills.

Ok, remember we started with this.

Here's where we're at today.

 They're my babies at least. Even if they are the size of small kindergarteners.

 A little blowing in the fan action. (That wasn't intentional.)


With the help of my counselor and friends, The Walls are next.

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