September 23, 2012

Boys Room: Before and After

I promise I'm going to show you before and after pictures. But first there are some things you need to understand.

Paint and I have a long conflicted history. Kind of like Lady Mary and Cousin Crawley. Except ours doesn't end with a long kiss on a moonlit winter night.

I agonize more over paint colors than I ever did on making the decision to have children. (And I wish I were being facetious.) I research and I research and I research. I compare, I contrast, I narrow down, I categorize, and I eventually end up with a couple that I love. So I go to the paint store, Paint Guy and I converse, he brings out paint samples, we hold them up against a large white background, I decide, I waver, I hem, I haw, and then I finally throw in the towel and pick one.

And then I leave the store and immediately hate it.

This happens every single time. We've had more paint drama in our house than Edith and Mary.

However, in the end I love the color I chose. Love, love, love. So without further ado.

The Chosen One:


In process:

Our saving grace:

Getting there:

Even closer:

Annnnnnnd after! 
(But keep in mind that I don't have window treatments or wall decorations yet.)

Another angle:

Closet (cleaned out and organized!):

From this:

To this:

I'll be working today on window treatments and wall decorations and we'll be closer than ever!


  1. Totally love it. What are you going to do with the other bedroom? Why did you move them? Seriously. Gray is the new beige.

    1. Thanks! The other bedroom is Matt's office now. We switched them because it's bigger so it'll give them more room to play, and it's so much sunnier and more welcoming, so it's a nicer place to play.

  2. Pretty! Love the color and new look :)