September 14, 2012

A Makeover and a Recap

I mentioned on Tuesday that the boys and I were going to get those cereal boxes sent to Haiti. If you've known me for exactly less than one half of a day you might soon figure out that Details and Organization and Such Related Matters cause my retinas to sear and my mind to grow dim. Very dim. So when I saw the process required to get the measurements, shipping estimates, an actual mathematical equation, and paperwork (plural), I expected my vision to soon start forming a tunnel.

However. Miracles abound. I loved it. I explained to Micah that we were sending cereal boxes to our friends in Haiti because they don't have a lot and this helps them make things so they can make a living for themselves. He stared deeply into my soul and then called for a prayer meeting. It was beautiful. 

(Actually he listened to me for 17 seconds and then asked for more crayons.)

After I got everything put together and double and triple-checked that I did it right, I sat both boys on my lap and we prayed for our friends in Haiti, that God would bless the work of their hands and multiply the gift. It was wonderful, I loved involving the boys. I look so forward to doing more of this sort of thing with them. 

Don't judge the Reese's Puffs, haters.

Look at my organization, Shirley McLabelson.

Ready to go!
(Look at my sneaky CIA address-covering happening.
I'm so Sidney Bristow I can hardly handle it.)
(Who knows what I'm referencing? Brownie points.)

That night we rode our bikes to the river that runs by our house. Micah loves (loves) to throw rocks so this is one of our common after-dinner family outings. I love getting out as a family this way, riding bikes, walking the river, breathing in the crisp, fresh air, watching my boy in his element, so happy to be there at that moment.

Love that little boy to the furthest galaxy and back.

This boy has a heart of pure gold.

Happiness in a roly-poly bundle of wrinkly joy.

Someone was pooping out.

Matt's work scheduled changed some so that he's now working slightly longer days but then has a mid-week day off. This week was the first week of it so he had all day Wednesday off. He is so good about always telling me to take time to myself if I need it. Go shopping, go to the bookstore, go get a mocha, something! But I don't often go because I like to make the most of our family time. But Tuesday night he was adamant that I take Wednesday for myself.

I thought I would go for just a few hours but I ended up being out for most of the day! My mom and I met up and spent the day together and we had so much fun. Matt and I are moving the boys' room back into what's now the office so I was armed with ideas from blogs and Pinterest, so my mom and I scoured stores for inexpensive materials and furniture. We didn't really find anything but we had fun looking.

Oh my happiness. Pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin bread with cream cheese topping. 

Here are some ideas I have for the boys' room.

A large part of one wall devoted to these kind of bookshelves.

I want reading to always be a part of their lives, so I want to create an area that's inviting and cozy in their living space so that they're continually surrounded by it. I want to add some little-person bean bags and maybe a basket with more books. Something that draws them to that space.

I'm super tired of the warm, earthy tones that have swallowed our house whole so I'm really stepping out of the box for this one. I like these two colors of grey for the paint on their walls. Their furniture is in espresso so we can't go too dark grey or everything will start to blend.

I'd like their bedding and window treatments to be something along the lines of black, white, greys, yellows (I think). I haven't seen anything really that grabs my attention. It has to be absurdly chic (Pottery Barn Awesome) and yet super inexpensive (Dollar Store Awesome). So far: no luck. 

I love these for their wall. I love the mix of animals (which Micah loves), but also keeping the alphabet in front of them.

So that's all I've got so far. Any creative persons out there with some good ideas?

(I deeply hope so.)

(And if so, could you please leave it in the comments section of this post, rather than facebook?)

(Oh my gosh, I sound so snobby, don't hate me.)

(It's just easier for me to look back here and find them for later reference.)

(Thank you from the innermost recesses of mine loving heart.)

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  1. Love the bookshelf idea! Using the colorfulness of the books as a decoration is aweosome and helps you remember what books you have.

    I've been wanting to put this in Daniel's room but I figured I'd need to wait until he learns not to eat chalk :)

  2. I love that website, Jess! I can't wait to check more of it out. I also love the chalkboard idea but at the boys' ages it would end up becoming a smeared mess of chalkiness very quickly. It wouldn't keep the cute writing for very long! Maybe when they're older!