August 17, 2012

He Makes All Things New

Oh man. Oh my gosh. 

Good job, Asher! 

No sing, mama. (Translation: stop singing, mama.) (My feelings. They hurt.)

Watch a moo-ie, pease. 

Love you, dada.

Just a few phrases of late from my favorite two year old. Just a little crushing of mine heart to keep me going.

Asher will be one in ten days. Ten. As in, in less than two weeks I will have a one year old. Seriously. Stop it. Should I have a party? Planning parties make me want to......I can't even think of something horrible enough. Maybe procure a rather sharp object and stab myself in the eye? Is that fitting? I think so.

I was recently telling my mom that Pioneer Woman holds the longstanding honor of being She-Whom-I-Wish-To-Be, but whenever I imagine myself at one of her many cooking parties I want to hyperventilate because it's so far out of my skill set I couldn't even fake it. Do any of you have anything like that? Just the thought of having to do a particular thing causes anxiety of the serious sort?

On that note. A related topic. (Not related at all.)

2nd Corinthians 4:7 says, "But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us."

What's "this treasure"?

The verses prior give us an indication. In a nutshell, knowing God through Christ. In the context of presenting this truth to others.

Verses 1-6 state that we don't do this in a way that's underhanded, or tampering with the truth (literally tamper in the Greek was used in reference to merchants watering their wine down), openly stating the truth of the Gospel (that is, each of us are born with a sinful nature that separates us from a holy God, but God in his great mercy and lavish love and predetermined will opens the eyes of our hearts to shine the light of the knowledge of the truth of Christ, that through Christ's sinless life, crucifixion in which he bore our sins, and resurrection that conquered death, we could be made new, not a result of working hard and trying to be good, but by faith, believing in our hearts and professing with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, we are saved. Given new life, made new, redeemed from every sinful, shameful covering, and presented as righteous before God. Loved and kept by him until the day of his coming).

Say that five times fast.

Going back to my original point. (Not the party and sharp objects point. My next one.)

Essentially when we call ourselves Christians (literally follower of Christ) we are made his ambassadors. And here's what verse 7 has to do with it.

This treasure, this immense, unimaginable, perfect, holy, righteous God of all creation living in us, that treasure resides in jars of clay. Simple everyday jars of clay. Jars of clay used for not very exciting things. And jars of clay used sometimes for big exciting things. But still jars of clay nonetheless.

Have you ever seen one? In Athens I've seen whole shops of them. They're not that impressive. In fact your eyes would probably flit over them to shinier objects. (Squirrel!)

And the reason? So that. So that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.

So that we don't get a big head and begin to reckon ourselves as beautiful vases (vahzes, if you will) that God has the privilege of inhabiting. Or, on the flip side, so that we don't think we're so ordinary, so lackluster, so covered in dirt and shame, that we could not be known by such a God. God sees not as we do. He sees death and he makes new. He sees ashes and he makes beauty. He sees ordinary, seemingly worthless jars of clay and he shines his great and brilliant life through it.

Don't fall prey to the lie that you have to beautify yourself into a rare and priceless vahze and then you will have value. You have value because Christ created you and loves you and will transform you from the inside out. And he said that he makes all things new. All things.

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