August 30, 2012

Follow Me?

*Update* Thanks for all of you who chose to join and making this girl's day!

We need to talk. And I'm not really sure any other way to do this. Except to ask.

You see the "Followers" tab over there? The one with a few faces and then some really sketch blank spots that supposedly represent real life people? Yeah. Talk about a pimple on your wedding day.

So what I'm thinking is maybe we can work together. Like, internetically, we can tandem-bike this thing up.

It's so easy. All you do is click "Join this site" and then a couple more buttons and just like that I have more than 12 followers. (Half of which aren't really even real people.) (Unless they're faceless like that one Cher movie.)

Seriously, you don't even have to read my blog, but if it looks to me like you read my blog I feel so much better about myself. It's like I've taken a Self-Confidence Seminar but without the thousands of dollars, you know? See how that works?

So what do you say, friend, join this site? For me?

Yes, I really took this in real time because I'm that for real.

Honestly, how could you say no to this face?


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    1. Cool, thanks so much, Sonia!!! I think about you guys all the time and dream about when we can come visit you! Tell Evan I'm sorry I was such a stinker to him last time. ;)

    2. Haha, I don't think you were a stinker to him, or at least he wastn't traumatized by it because he didn't say anything about it so don't worry! ;-)
      We'd LOVE to have you come and stay with us, and show you around!

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    1. I knew one of them would pull at your heartstrings...

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    1. Thanks Bridget, you're awesome!!