July 10, 2012

Irony and True Life

Hi. It's been awhile. But I thought a good picture might make you love me.

This, my friends, is called irony.
Look closely, don't miss the caption under his name.

That's a Sky magazine (i.e. I was on a jet plane.) Headed to San Diego with my very favorite husband and sons and mother. We spent a week in the San Diego area and then came back to a visit from my very, very favorite mother-in-law and sister and brother-in-law and nephews and niece. So it's been a little quiet around here because I've had hardly two spare minutes to stick in my back pocket.

But that's about to change. Because I've got some things to talk about. (Not really.) (Well, kind of.)

But first, a few pictures.

This is the supreme goal of every airplane adventure.

As is this.

Which leaves Mama time for this.
Dog Anxiety = Solved.

And this. Never again will I lack for in-home relaxation.

For $49.95 I'll take scissors and hack my bangs to pieces for free, thank you.
Why commit? I'll tell you why commit. $49.95, that's why.

Headed to the beach with my little lovies.

I'll be on the floor dead of heart palpitations, please.

We had an amazing time. Made me wonder why five years ago when we picked a place off the map to live, we chose cold, dreary Montana and not sunny, Garden of Eden-esque San Diego. But here we are. And happy we are. So content I'll choose (most of the time). (Part of the time.) (Less time than I should.)

Matt picked some lettuce from our garden a couple of days ago and literally within a couple of hours of having been picked it sat on our counter limp and shriveling. I was shocked that it happened so quickly. It had just been vibrant and alive. How could it die so fast? In an ordinary moment it hit me - death comes quickly when we're not connected to the Source of life.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. - Jesus

And then I read this in my Oswald Chambers devotional yesterday. 

We tend to say, "But God could never have called me to this (a commitment to serve the Lord). I'm too unworthy. It can't mean me." It does mean you, and the more weak and feeble you are, the better. The person who is still relying and trusting in anything within himself is the last person to even come close to saying, "I will serve the Lord."

The more weak and feeble we are, the better. Oh, the mysteries of this life in Christ. I know it to be true. When I rely on and trust in myself (or my husband, or my control, or my plans, or my dreams, or anything else), I totally and completely lack life. I'm envious, easily angered, critical, judgmental, moody, selfish, proud. I don't have peace in my heart and mind. There's a total lack of anything life-ly. 

But when I surrender again and return again to Jesus, my source of life, there's a joy and peace that is so true and real in my heart and mind, I can't adequately describe it. I have life in me again. Life that makes me want to jump up and down over the simple things because they're just so beautiful. Life that makes me wonder at the beauty in my sons and that the Lord thought it good to entrust them to us. How kind of Him, thank you, Lord. Life that makes me want to go out right this second and love someone. Life that makes me hope that I see someone in need so I can bless them. Life that can't wait until I see my husband to tell him that amazing thing about him that I keep forgetting to tell him. Life that breaks my heart in half because I remember the loneliness of that one friend I had and so I stop that moment and pray. Life that is so thankful that I have the marriage I do, and the kids I have, and the family I know, and the friends I love. 

Lord, keep me connected to the only true Source of life. You.


  1. Thank you so much Sara you have encouraged me:))
    I am keeping this anonymous but please pray for me I have been really strugging with some of my faith in God. However, I know he is there and faithful to the end, but sometimes I feel bad for the sins I commit. Also this leads me to think that God won't forgive me because of this addiction I have. So please pray against it thanks!

    1. I'm so glad you posted this, I did stop immediately to pray for you, knowing the Lord knows all. It's ok to struggle, we all struggle, I would just encourage you to keep turning to the Lord even when you're tempted to turn to something easier. Store up his word in your heart. Connect yourself deeply with other believers who can encourage you, pray for you, help hold you accountable. And remember that you are always forgiven and always loved! Praying!