May 30, 2012

Medals of Valor

I've been out of commission the last week or so. Only because I had to be in Denver for some recurrent training for my job. Simply put, being away from my boys for that long was akin to The Black Plague upon my soul. It was a double whammy too because it's not like I was on a tropical beach somewhere sipping a tropical drink with an umbrella in it, but rather cooped up in a classroom learning about DG/HM and all sorts of other fun.

After training I met Matt, the boys, and my mom in Albuquerque for some much-needed R&R at my favorite mother-in-law's house. I love my MIL. I have never, not even one time, had the Scary MIL Experiences that everyone talks about. We get along very well and I've always loved spending time with her, so spending a long weekend there is always a true vacation.

Missoula - cold and rainy. Albuquerque - warm and sunny. End of story.

I have to pause and interject some Medals of Valor.

First. My mom so kindly and graciously volunteered to watch the boys while I was away at training since Matt would of course also be working. Really, if not for her, it couldn't've happened. I was never for one moment worried or fearful that they wouldn't be as loved if I myself were there with them. She did a fantastic job being Mom while I was away.

But second. (And this deserves The Purple Heart.) She traveled completely by herself by plane with two connections with my boys. Seriously. By herself. Two connections. On a plane. 2 year old. 8 month old. By herself. Matt and I haven't even been brave enough to do that.

Alas, she's still with us today and she still loves them both, so I'd consider it a success. I told her that I'd like to at least give her one of my livers to make myself feel a tiny bit better about the amount of sacrifice that was had last week.

But I'm back and we're back in the swing of our routine. And, for lack of substance, maybe these will pacify.
Seriously. If you say you've seen anything cuter, you're lying. 

See above, it applies here too.

We had to fly into Great Falls and the drive back was beautiful.

How you doing?

This was an  unexpected condiment. Micah's always looking out for Lar.

Airport Rule #1: if it's entertaining, leave it alone.

Fro-yo! Just when I think I can't love him more or he can't get more fun, I do and he does.

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  1. Oh Larry! Always sneaking into unexpected places! :)