April 02, 2012


You know what's hard sometimes? Being a parent.

You know what else is hard most of the time? Being a human.

I can't remember the last time I thought, Oh my gosh, everything is amazing at all times, always, all the time, forever and ever!

I can remember the last time my heart burst from happiness though.

Last night I sat on the couch nursing my favorite 7 month old. As he always does, he stared intently at me while stroking my skin with his chubby fingers. I watched Micah help Matt bring the groceries in from the car. Every time Matt handed Micah an item to carry, Micah would say, Thank YOU, (insert a lilt on the "you") and so proudly carry it in, hefting with all his might to lift it to the counter.

Seriously, I wondered if it was possible to be happier than I was in that moment.

Being a parent is hard sometimes, but that's because everything in life is hard sometimes.

But I can't remember the last time my heart burst from happiness the way it does on a regular basis when I'm with my three favorite guys.

I wouldn't trade this life for anything. Sometimes Matt and I joke, Were we even happy before we had kids?!

And that's coming from two crazy adventurers who on a monthly, or every monthly, basis were jetting off someplace vacationy.

We were happy. We were crazy happy. We're just happier now. 

Yes, we have times of sleep deprivation, days of frustration, blah, blah, blah. But I also have two beautiful little boys to kiss and snuggle at the end of the day, which is more than I can say for anything else.

Seriously, can you imagine happiness without these two faces?

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  1. Reading this makes me happy because I have known you and Matt pre-kids and now with kids. You were both happy before, but like you said, you are even happier now! There is a fulfillment that the boys bring to your lives. Plus, nothing makes me happier when Asher lets me hold him or when Micah would actually come to me.