April 11, 2012

Big Changes

A couple of days ago, Micah slammed a door on Matt's head. Matt was leaning forward, Micah tried to shut it, and the corner made friends with Matt's forehead. Matt let out a constrained yell and walked away holding his head, saying over and over how much it hurt.

Being the good dad that he is, he let Micah know that he was ok and that his head just hurt a little bit.

As he was holding his head, he was like, I just want to punch another guy in the face right now.

Ok, I can understand that. I want to punch something sometimes too when I've stubbed my toe or smashed my finger. Mostly I just Christian Curse.

But then he was like, Seriously, when I get hurt like that I just want to immediately get in a fist-fight with another guy.

Apparently this is common knowledge in Man Land. Hitherto, I was unaware.

In other news, I have my old job back. Not my old job at Delta, my old old job with Skywest.

Seriously, I could not be happier.

It's a long story and the airline world can be super complicated so I'll try to be as concise and understandable as possible.

I was hired on with Skywest Airlines in August of 2007 shortly after we moved to Missoula. Skywest is an independently owned airline that operates regional flights for major airlines. At that time here in Missoula, Skywest operated Delta and United. You get full travel privileges with whatever airline you operate. That means that we got full travel privileges on Delta and United. Amazingness.

When Delta and Northwest merged (biggest computer nightmare ever) (I'm sorry to every passenger that traveled in the months following that - we sucked big time) the bid went up for Delta at the Missoula airport.

Skywest did not get the bid, a new regional company created by mainline Delta did. Since I had just found out I was pregnant, I needed a full-time position for the insurance benefits, which Skywest did not have at that time, only part-time.

Commence the most difficult season of my entire life. Not only merging two companies, but transitioning to a brand-new company with new everyone (manager, trainers, etc.) with lots of Big Chiefs and very few Little Chiefs, in addition to the actual physical process of moving was enough to make me hate my life every day for months.

I missed Skywest with every fiber of my being. But it was what it was and for almost three years I made the best of it.

Obviously that came to a tipping point in February and I quit. I had already talked to my old manager at Skywest and told him that if he had a position open, I would love (emphasize love) to come back. Since officially I've been on furlough with Skywest, that would mean that if I could get rehired before June I would have my old hire date back. (In the airline world, your hire date is everything - schedule bidding, travel privileges seniority, etc.).

Well, last week my old manager let me know he could bring me back!

*really cool break-dance move*

I was (and am) so happy. The hours will be infinity times better, the atmosphere and working environment are more peaceful, and since United and Continental merged last year, that means travel privileges on officially the largest airline in the world.

I really sought the Lord in this, being completely and totally willing to turn it down if it wasn't the best for our family, but after meeting with my old manager yesterday, things are even better than I could've hoped for, particularly schedule-wise, which was my main concern for our family. So we're moving forward, and I am ridiculously happy to have my much-loved flight benefits back.

I'll be going away for recurrent training mid-May and will then start the beginning of June.

Bienvenidos a mi old (new) job.


  1. Sooooooooo if you need me to help with all the lovies while you are gone---give me some notice and I'll be there!!! I am so happy this has worked out for all of you! AND ME!!!!! Love you all

    1. Well, my first week of training is May 7-11th and my next week will be sometime in June... let me know if you want to come up for a couple of days and hang out with the kids and Matt! And yes, I am SOOOOO excited for you too! Once I find out all the details, I'll pass them on!

  2. Hahaha oh the Christian curse! I started saying "Good night!" when ever something crazy happens. Also men are weird. I have never in my life wanted to punch someone when I'm hurt. Ha.

    And Congrats about your job! Yay for flying benefits!

    1. Thanks Angi! Yes, men are very weird. But still great. :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful blessing about the job! Congrats! I'm new to your blog, by the way, but found you through comments on Shaun Groves' blog. :)

    1. Hi Jamie! So, crazy coincidences... I was just introduced to your blog like yesterday (or maybe the day before)! Love your blog and writing, and thanks for stopping by!