February 24, 2012

So Sad

School has stolen the soul of my husband right out of this ear canals (or wherever souls get stolen from) and rushed away to the furthest regions of outer Earthlandia. I'm slowly trying to update my blog and was looking for some moral support, of which was not to be found.

Me: Babe, what do you think of this blog design?

Matt: I like it.

Me: *big sigh of relief*

Matt: Well, actually I'm not sure I'm liking the title.

*cue hurt feelings*

Me: WHAT?! What don't you like?!

Matt: The little "mc." It should all be capitalized.

Me: No, it's a play on words. You know, like "Nut House," but "mcNutt House."

Matt: I'm not liking it. It's not in APA format.

This, my friends, it a sad, true story. And if you can join with me in prayers for the return of my husband's soul from schooldoctrination, I would appreciate it.

(I still like the title.)

(Even though insecurity shall plague me from this day forth.)

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