February 02, 2012

Judge Me Not for My Sabbatical

So. You know that really annoying blogger that blogs regularly only to stop blogging regularly and then only intermittently and then not at all?

Yeah, hi. 

Not sure what my problem is but I'm back on the wagon. Obviously I have to get my blog back up to date and work on the aesthetics (I just spelled that without spellcheck) (only to have just spelled spell ((space in between)) check wrong). 

We're at such an interesting place in life. Matt is full steam ahead in the Family Nurse Practitioner program. We've only got approximately 1,095 days to go and then (yay!) he's done! He's doing great though staying on top of everything, even though he drops into bed exhausted every night. 

Micah is now TWO (as of yesterday). He could be a whole book in itself. He is Mr. Independent, that's for sure. Anything we do, he wants to do. High chairs, cribs, being carried - all a thing of the past. He's been driving the Jetta to work everyday and I could be wrong, but I think he learned potty training basics on his commute. He is a total social butterfly. I think it's safe to say he's an extrovert. He's officially in a toddler bed and does great, including during nap times now. It took him ONE night to get used to his bed, but he's always been a very fast learner. It also took ONE night to wean him from the paci, and that was actually more like 15 minutes. 

He can be trying at times as he likes to assert his will and makes it VERY clear that he wants what he wants. One thing that I've been working on with him is to be thankful and content. Instead of working my way through 78 articles of food, drink, toys, clothing, furniture, and Veggie Tales paraphernalia to find what he wants, I'll simply give him what I think it is and tell him that I want him to be thankful and content with what he has, and if he throws a fit still, then he gets in trouble. But I think he's catching on. Except for when he'll keep signing "please" because he knows it's the right way to ask for things, so I think he thinks it's his get-out-of-jail-free-card to get what he wants. I'm on to you, buddy.  

He's talking like crazy. He repeats EVERYTHING, even the not good things we say, like "dang." (Matt, watch your language, please. Obviously he learns such colorful phrases from you and NOT from that time I reacted in hysterics to who-knows-what-goes-on-around-here-sometimes.) He is a very happy boy, and we continue to learn more effective ways of raising him, according to what works best for him and not just what the parenting books say. One thing I regularly tell him is that the reason he got in trouble is because there's right and there's wrong, and when he chooses wrong, there are consequences. I pray all the time that the Lord makes him receptive to discipline and instruction, and that He (the Lord) will draw Micah and Asher irresistibly to Himself and that He will open the eyes of their hearts to Him, and to understand their need for Him.

Speaking of Asher. What a ball of butter, chunky-monkey, roly-poly, akin-to-a-Sharpei, scrumdittilyumptious bowl of cuddly goodness. Seriously, this kid could not be any cuter or happier. He just turned 5 months and already weighs 20 pounds. Are you catching my ball of butter drift now? Yeah. I have to restrain myself every day from eating his chubbies. He is also officially sleeping through the night. As in like TWELVE hours through the night. Hate me now. Do it. On the occasional night he gets up, it's a quick feed and then right back to bed. He and Micah share a room (which I LOVE), and they both get up around 8:15.  

He will not take a bottle, which is much different than Micah at this age. It also makes my time away for such things as um, work, a little more interesting at times. But so far things have worked out, and for that I'm grateful. He's almost rolling over from back to stomach. Wouldn't be surprised if it's any day now. And that's about it for the Chunkster. His existence is eating, smiling, laughing, eating his fingers, sleeping, eating some more, screeching at the top of his lungs because he's so happy to see you, eating his fingers, sleeping some more, and so on and so forth. 

Ok, so there we go. We're updated (except for the blog aestheticism (shut UP, I just totally spelled that right again without spell check), and we're back on target. May the Blogginess be with me. 


  1. So so happy you are back writing---such a gift He gave you--it warms my heart to see you use it--and always makes my laugh. Love love love you.

    Mama Linda

  2. FINALLY! It seems like this might be the only way for me to keep up on what is going on in your life. You guys are so busy. I am so glad that you fired up the blog again. You have such a talent and amazing gift. Love you friend!

  3. I forgot to sign my above comment..