February 21, 2012

Goodbye Delta

I was feeling very nostalgic as I walked into work today. After 4 1/2 years, it was my last day. I wrote about why here. I loved my job. So, in honor, some highlights:

The passenger who yelled at me that I cost him a TEN MILLION DOLLAR DEAL! because he got a drink(s) at the bar and missed his flight.

Flying to Seattle for the day.

The man in uniform saying goodbye to his wife, both crying. With tears in my eyes, I told them to take as much time as they needed, I would let him know when we were in the final minutes of boarding.

The parents going to their son's funeral.

The crazy Russian couple I had to remove from a flight and then call the police on because they were screaming and cussing at me and I was convinced I was thisclose to getting a Russian fist in my face.

The crying grandfather trying desperately to get home because of his four month old granddaughter's unexpected death. I cried with him.

The older couple who got an all-expense paid trip to Cancun because of his side hobby of entering online contests.

Chatting it up with Brandon Heath and Shawn McDonald.

Staring at the Departure screen in any airport and knowing we could get on any flight we wanted. For free.

The old lady/grandmotherly type who screamed obscenities at me and let me know I was lucky she didn't punch me in the face. While I was 5 months pregnant.

(#1 reason for getting yelled at: when the passenger misses their own flight. Does something seem off in that or is that just me?)

Sitting in the break room reading People with my co-workers and telling Crazy Passenger stories.

Getting to pray with the passenger headed to her brother's funeral, leaving his daughter, her niece, parentless.

Seeing Wayne Newton. (Umm, hello tall-unnaturally-dyed-black-hair-pasty-white, albeit nice guy.) 

Flying First class internationally. Pampered chef indeed.

Laying over in San Fran for the day and fitting in every culinary experience that it has to offer. In 5 hours.

Checking in Joe Montana and his wife, but having no idea who they were, thinking to myself, "Hmm, that's cool, they're IN Montana and their last name IS Montana."

Later flying with Joe Montana and his wife and still having no clue who they were.

The plane that returned immediately back to our gate because their windshield cracked right down the middle when they were taxiing.

The passenger who muttered that "airlines always use the excuse of weather," as a blizzard raged outside.

Thanks for the good times, Delta. I'll miss you. I'll miss looking up flight options, and I'll miss the Widget (that's the name of the Delta logo, fyi). I'll miss our planes and the smell of airports. I'll miss chatting it up with the passengers, and the camaraderie and understanding that exists between those inside the Airline World. I'll miss my co-workers (some of them). And I'll miss the adventures of traveling that Matt and I always had.

I won't miss the early mornings, late nights, grumpy co-workers, angry passengers, weather delays, mechanical issues, oversold flights, denied boarding, and the time away from my family.

Bonjour to our new journey.

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  1. Sarah- Congrats on being able to run after your dream of being with your family full time! I am jealous! Jobs are great but the time with your boys will be more precious than gold! especially with as fast as they grow. I'm praying that I'll get that opportunity someday too!