February 20, 2012

A Day in the Life...

I got this idea from other bloggers and I decided to do my own so that I can look back and see what I did on an average day with two under two. You know, almost every single person who hears that my boys are 18 months apart immediately comment on how busy I must be and how full my hands are, and since I don't often feel too busy or full-handed, I wonder if I'm missing something here. Are you other mothers doing something that I missed the first day of class? I'm always curious as to what the average day looks like for other people, so besides for my own later enjoyment/curiosity, maybe it will shed some light on the potential missing factor.

I will say right off the bat that I shower and get ready every single day. I may put my sweats right back on after I shower, but getting ready is a simple way for me to not feel frumpy, even if I'm not going anywhere. I also like to look presentable when Matt gets home, and I'm sure he appreciates it when I brush my teeth and clean off yesterday's mascara. (Side note: I only wash my hair every 2-3 days so when I say I shower and get ready every day, it mostly only takes about 15 minutes-ish. We're not talking Grammy Awards here.)

The boys were getting up around 8:15 to 8:30, but lately Micah's internal clock changed to Crazyville Standard Time and he's been getting up at 7:30 almost on the dot every morning, which means that Asher is also getting up then. But a couple mornings this past week I've moved Micah into the office and Asher has either slept till 9 or I had to wake him up then, so I'm pretty sure he would sleep much later every day if he did not have a thoughtful brother to turn the light on for him every morning.

Once I hear Micah knocking on their door (thankfully he has not figured out how to open doors yet) and calling for "Mom?! Mama?! Mom!! Mom!!! MOM!!!" then I get up, get my robe on and get them up. Both boys get diaper changes, I get Micah breakfast, and while he eats I nurse Asher.

After breakfast I usually put a load of laundry in, make our bed, and clean the kitchen. (I just can't function when my kitchen is dirty. Anybody else?) Between interacting with the boys and getting those things done, it's then usually time for Asher's first nap, between 9 and 10. The morning nap is his longest. He usually sleeps between 2 and 2 1/2 hours.

After I lay him down, Micah goes in the bath (I also bathe and get Micah ready every day), and while he plays I sit in the hall, just outside the door where I can see him and check my email and facebook, read some blogs or a good article on the gospelcoalition.org. Just random puttering on the internet. Sometimes I'll read my Bible instead. Or an online devotional. It varies. After his bath, which can be like 45 minutes to an hour, I get him out, brush his teeth, and get him dressed. He usually gets a snack around this time, I put the laundry in the dryer, and straighten up the bathroom and their room.

This is usually when I take my shower. I'll close Micah in with me in our bedroom and one of his Veggie Tales DVDs and he's content to watch it while I shower and get ready. After this I make us lunch, and then depending on if I want them to sleep at the same time (usually on days I've worked so I can sleep too) or if I don't care, I'll lay Micah down after lunch, or I'll wait to lay Micah down until Asher's next naptime and let them both nap at the same time. Again, it varies. This isn't a formula for World Peace, people.

Usually during their naptime (if I'm not also napping) is when I have my quiet time. It doesn't always happen during this time but now that I'm about to be finished working it will most likely be my usual time for awhile. My preferable time for it is first thing in the morning before everyone else is awake, but at this season of my life, the realistic truth is that's not going to happen. So I can put unrealistic pressure on myself and fail miserably and not have one at all, or I can be flexible and work with what I've got. (No fakey-fake here.) Occasionally if I don't get to have one during the day I'll have it after the boys are down for the night, which I've also learned to enjoy (even though I'm much more a morning person than a night).

So (are you guys seriously still reading?), once the boys are up, Micah gets a snack, I nurse Asher (I might've missed a previous nursing in my monologue because he usually nurses between 5 and 7 times a day), take the clothes out, fold them, put them away, and do a little straightening (have you guys caught on to the fact that I'm a Serial Cleaner?). I normally start thinking about dinner around this time, if I haven't already put something in the crockpot before. A couple days a week when I'm going stir crazy and need additional human interaction, I'll get us out the door and we'll meet up with Matt after he gets off work and we'll eat out (we're working on it, people), walk around the mall, let Micah play on the slide, go to Costco or U-Swirl, any number of things just to get out and get some fresh air.

Matt gets home around 4:30, we usually eat dinner around 5, Matt gives Micah his undivided attention while I clean up and they play like madmen around the house, and then we hang out as a family until the boys' bedtime at 7. We do not have TV (as in we don't even have an actual physical TV) so it's one huge factor that we don't have to wrestle back our attention from, know what I mean?

The boys go to bed at 7, and since I've straightened and done chores throughout the day, this is our refreshing time. Matt and I will catch up, often over bowls of ice cream or cereal, and then he usually starts working on schoolwork. 99.9% of the time I read. I've been an obsessive reader my entire life and it's how I fill my free time most of the time. And then, unless I have to work, I usually go to bed between 10 and 11.

And that, my dear friends, is a wrap.

Seriously, if you lasted this long, I commend you. So, for those of you still reading, if you happened to notice that I in fact, am missing a crucial element that should indeed make me full-handed, speak up now or forever hold your peace. Because I'm pretty dang happy.

P.S. Of course this is an average day and does not take into account days I have Bible study or am meeting up with my mom or friends or have appointments, etcetera, etcetera.

P.P.S. I hope that clears up the confusion I'm sure you didn't have.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I often wonder how the schedule is for moms who work at home :)

  2. Sounds just like my days 10 years ago with my kids (19 months apart). I too am a compulsive cleaner and I really enjoy a sparkly home. It's not as painful to do a little housekeeping throughout the day than it is to devote 3-4 hours and do it all in one fell swoop. My kids are schooled in the art of "everthing has a place and everything IN it's place." Keep up the good work. BTW, I LOVE "The Hunger Games" series. Thanks for the suggestion!! My kids do too :)

  3. Jess, I'd love to hear about your schedule, it's so fascinating getting to peek into people's lives! Tracy, it sounds like we're the same person! :) I'm so glad you loved the Hunger Games, I'm sure I'll be rereading them soon. Thanks for the comments, ladies!