May 21, 2010

Totally Frustrated

I have exactly 35 minutes to wait to see if my mom and Chris will make their flight out of Albuquerque. Agh!!! The joys and devastations of free travel.

The only reason they are waiting for this one is because a lady stole my mom's wallet this morning and they had to miss their original flight to confront her (she never gave it back) and to cancel all of her cards and go to the DMV to get a temporary license.

I'm so furious at that lady, I can hardly handle it.

It brings me comfort to know that the Lord "despises" a lying tongue; says so right in Proverbs. I can't remember where and I don't care to look it up right now.

I just wish she had not gotten away with it, that evil had not been allowed to triumph. Especially over my mom - easily the sweetest, gentlest person on the entire planet.

So I'm writing to try and pass the time and not give in to my nerves. I'll check back in.

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