December 07, 2009


This weekend Matt and I took a much needed escape. Friday night we decided that we were going to Minneapolis and Mall of America for the weekend. And we did. Left first thing Saturday morning. And no better way to start the trip than flying first class. :)

To say that it was amazing would be an understatement. It was so what we needed. We used points for our hotel so we decided to splurge on a 4-star hotel, and really just spent the weekend relaxing and investing in one another.

We talked and talked and talked. We talked about becoming parents and our fears about it. We talked about what we want to do differently and what we want to do the same. We talked about our future and what we see ourselves doing. We talked about what we don't see ourselves doing. We talked about church and our place there. We talked about where we've become disillusioned. We read from God's Word about giving allowance for others' faults (Col. 3). We prayed for our son, our paths, God's will, our friends, our church. We thanked the Lord for the countless ways He's been so good to us. We talked about nothing and everything.

And we walked approximately 25 miles in the Mall of America.

It was exactly what we needed these last few weeks before our lives change forever. You know, many couples choose to have kids because they're bored with their marriage and are ready for the next new thing. That was never us. I told Matt this weekend that a part of me grieves the end of life as we've known it, because I've loved life as just the two of us. I've never become bored with Matt or our marriage. It's always been an adventure and a safe, sacred place.

But we're not ending good things, we're just seeing an expansion. To be the only two people on earth that are going to love our son as much as we do. To get to do it together. I so look forward to that too.

So. It was a wonderful, unforgettable weekend. I cannot encourage enough to other married couples, take a "something"-moon. Get out of town. Away from the mundane and normal. Do something spontaneous and wonderful. Be crazy. Let your hair down.

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