October 09, 2009

I confess, I'm judgmental

So today after work, I stopped at Wal-Mart (may the Lord cause His face to shine upon me) to pick up a few things in preparation for my Olive Garden-themed dinner party tomorrow night.

(Side note: I did not actually get anything that I had on my list for the party, but I still managed to spend $40.14. How does that happen??)

Anyway, as I was about finished shopping, I looked down into my cart and thought to myself how not full of great and/or healthy stuff it was. Frozen pizza. Ramen noodles (yum). Frozen ravioli (I put that one back). Cheap chicken. It just struck me that for some reason this shopping trip was not yielding my normally health-conscious choices. And I use the word "health" rather loosely. A more expensive brand of ice cream falls under that category. I've never had a good grasp on that sort of thing. I was shocked to learn, as an adult, that ice cream is actually not very good for you. Literally. I was.

So. As I was checking out, I was scoping out the man's stuff behind me that he was purchasing. About a million boxes of frozen Totino pizza. Another million boxes of every conceivable type of frozen meals you can imagine. Beer.White bread. Seriously, who buys white bread? And my first thought was that I felt sorry for him, he was probably single and needed something easy for dinner every night. But my next stronger thought was, "Ugh. Doesn't he know how bad all that stuff is for him? White bread? He could at least get the higher quality frozen foods (that's what I do)."

Well, it struck me with quite a bit of irony that I had just literally been thinking about my poor food choices. Who was I? What was I thinking? My standards are so loose when it comes to my choices, but boy, oh boy, do I have strict standards when it comes to other people's choices. Kind of like that one story in the Bible when the "righteous" man thanked the Lord that he wasn't like the sinner next to him.

It's a small example, but it did serve to remind me that I'm pitifully blind to my own judgments without the probing of the Holy Spirit. Searching out what's really true at the core of my heart. It ain't always pretty, that's for sure.

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  1. Thank you Sara for the great reminder. I too can be quick to judge.