September 01, 2009

An Update

An update on my life...

First and very foremost...

We're having a BOY!!!

He will be called Milo Justice.

Because, really? That's just a cool stinkin' name and nobody else has it.

2. He already has the cutest little outfits awaiting him.

3. I made the most delicious BBQ ranch chicken wrap today.

4. We just vacayed in Albuquerque and it was oh-so-refreshing.

5. I am now 100% equally yoked with my husband - I love Pei Wei's as much as him since I've discovered the Honey Chicken and fried rice. (Makes me want to hop right back on a plane and have me some more.)

6. I've been sick with a dang cold that has stubbornly held on for going on a week.

7. I'm researching gyms to membership in. No unnecessary pregnancy weight gain for me, if at all possible.

8. I got a brand-new Bible today. I've had my study one for years, and it's easy to lose the freshness when you're studying the same translation for so long, so I'm mixing it up.

9. It's a beautiful day in Missoula today.

10. I could not be happier that it's September 1st. I love fall.

11. My stomach is on the verge of growling, so I need to heat me up some more BBQ ranch chicken wraps. Yum.

12. I wish I had more earth shattering updates, but that's all there is to it. Except for our sweet baby boy. Sweet Milo.

13. Oh wait. One more. I just found out that Milo means "gentle, beloved." And Justice of course means "just."

Cool, huh?

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