September 09, 2009

To Be At Home

My mother-in-law got me a magazine subscription for Christmas last year to Real Simple. It mainly talks about food and house and creative ideas and so on and so forth. Very informative and I enjoy it quite a bit when it comes in.

Every month it asks readers a different question and we get to hear back from dozens of people all over the nation. This month the question was, "What does home mean to you?"

The answers were pretty varied; everything from the smell of her mother's perfume to baking pies with mom and grandma.

But it hit me as I read it that I may have a pretty detached view of "home." I don't know if it's because I've moved so much my entire life, or have always had a pretty carefree adventurous mentality, but I didn't feel a single attachment to the traditional concept of "home."

I left to Costa Rica for three and a half months without shedding a single tear. Matt and I will have moved five times in our shortly married life alone. We are not the home attached type.

But I do know what makes me feel like I'm at home. But it would be more aptly described as when I feel the most like I belong.

I feel at home any time that I'm with or near my husband. I can be in a very unfamiliar place, and only have to look at him or touch him, and I immediately feel like I belong.

I feel at home any where that I get time for just the Lord and I.

I feel at home amongst friends that value me, that encourage me and stand behind me. Friends who uplift me, and make it easy to love and be loved.

I feel at home anytime we are with our families, because I know that we are deeply loved and cared for. There's a history there that nobody else has.

I feel at home in Costa Rica and Peru and Romania and Kenya and Fiji because I value their close-knit communities and family emphasis. It's more common to share and fellowship after a meal for hours then to do, do, do.

I feel completely at home when I'm deeply engrossed in a book (which is usually all the time), and have only to read a sentence before I'm carted off to another world.

Home comes in so many different packages, so many different forms, for so many different reasons.

How about you, what makes you feel like you're "home"?

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