September 04, 2009

A Long Weekend

I could not be happier about this weekend. I have 4 days off, and any sort of holiday weekend is always exciting.

I'm just sitting here chilling with House Hunters going on in the background.

The bad thing about loving House Hunters and What Not to Wear so much is that I have neither a house nor the resources available to make myself over like Clinton and Stacy make me feel the need to. Sad.

But really not so sad either. I'm over it.

Next weekend we're going to Portland to hit up some IKEA! I could not be more thrilled. Total girl's weekend. IKEA and outlet mall and a little baby boy to shop for. I sincerely hope that my colleagues feel the need to go crazy shopping for themselves as well, so I don't feel like such a crazy woman at the store.

I have to post pictures of our Peanut sucking his thumb. Too cute.

Okay, I have to get focused so I can actually get our bathroom and house cleaned today, and do the laundry. I want to full enjoy this weekend without any chores to do.

Okay, one more quick thing. Please read this book. It's completely amazing and totally challenged my view of modern-day Christianity and eternity. It's called Rescued and it's by John Bevere and Mark Andrew Olsen. Amazing.

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  1. I am going to meet you guys at IKEA! Cant wait. See ya next weekend!