August 11, 2009

Marbles and Candy

I'm sitting here waiting for my banana nut bread to finish cooking so I can go to bed, since I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn. It sure does smell delicious though.

I am officially (in 3 hours) 15 weeks pregnant. I'm starting to show a tiny bit more. We had our second appointment with the doctor today and everything is still looking great. We got to hear our little Peanut's heartbeat, and it thrilled me like it was the first time. I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing by.

I have to share a story that Ravi Zacharias shared one time:

A little boy and girl were playing together one afternoon. The boy had brought his marbles, and the girl had brought some candy. The boy had the idea that they should trade each other; he would give her his favorite marble, and she would give him her favorite candy - an even trade.

They each took some time to select their favorite, but just before the exchange, the boy switched his favorite marble for one of his least favorite, thinking to himself that she would never know. They made the switch - she gave him her favorite candy, and he gave her his "favorite" marble.

But later that night, the boy lay awake, unable to sleep. All he could think was, Did she give me less than than her best too?

In other words, we assume others' thoughts and actions toward us, depending on our thoughts and actions towards others. We filter their actions and words through our own internal thoughts and actions. Are we dishonest? We easily assume others are too. Are we passive aggressive, taking opportunities to slight someone else whilst maintaining an air of "fun" and "innocence"? We assume others do the same.

I was reminded of that recently. The details aren't important, but it reminded me of the need to just simply be honest with one another. We can't have true friendship and fellowship with one another if we're hearing and/or seeing them through our own filters. Filters of distrust. Passive aggressiveness. Unforgiveness. Insecurity. Competitiveness. You get the picture.

So much we could avoid by being quick to forgive. Quick to believe the best about the other person. Quick to stand up for one another. Quick to pray for the other. Quick to praise one another in front of other people.

Friendships like that are wonderful and safe. Free of competition and strife and comparison. And that's what we're to be to one another in this great, big, wonderful, even difficult at times, body of Christ.

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