August 12, 2009

I've Had It

You know, I really do try very hard not to complain. Seriously. In general, but especially about my work, because I'm truly thankful I have a job when so many don't. Especially a job with such great perks.

But I've had it up tohere with some behavior.

We can be an explosively rude society, and I think it's out of control. We've just simply lost much of our good manners and politeness. Simple gestures of politeness such as saying thank you are becoming a thing of the past. Why should I say thank you? I'm entitled. You owe me a great experience and great life.

Just a few recent examples...

A man became agitated because I asked to see his driver's license one more time and threw his trash at my feet. And when I said, "Sir, that is not a trash can." He said, "I know," and walked away.

A woman told me that my efforts on her behalf to rebook her weren't good enough and I'd better do better.

A man told me that I would pay for his rental car. When I said no we would not, he said, "Oh yes you will, Delta's messed with the wrong person." (We didn't pay for his rental car.)

I'm sick to death of our society's rudeness. We need a massive reeducation of politeness and manners. Even a simple please and thank you are often a thing of the past.

Let's get it together, folks.

Or take a trip to Haiti for a week and get some perspective.

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