July 02, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's back after being on vacation for a few weeks. Both literally and figuratively.

Today I'm thankful...

...for the most amazing $5 Subway sandwich I've ever had, at least in the last two weeks.

...that I have a job. (I cannot yet honestly say for my job, but we're working on it.)

...for my husband, a million times over. I was working a flight today, watching all the passengers as they got off, and I thought of a silly thing that Matt does only for me, and right there in the jetway, I broke out in a smile. Just the thought of him...

...for my mom. She's so stinking thoughtful, and I just love her.

...for my dad. He's always so concerned that we're doing okay, and assuring us that he's always there for us, to help us with anything we may ever need.

...for dishwashers. I don't have one, and I think they're wonderful creations.

...for my most comfortable bed that awaits me.

...for our trip to Whitefish in less than a week!!! I can't wait!!!

...that I am about to have a week and a half off of work (praise the Lord).

...for our pastor, who always preaches truth, no matter how difficult the subject matter.

...for bike rides. I love them with a passion.

...for you. That you choose to stop by. Thank you!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

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