July 03, 2009

A Good Example of Not Diplomacy

Today, while sitting at a stoplight, I heard a loud voice say, "Just kill 'em!" I immediately craned my head for a good look towards the voice (through my untinted windows), which was coming from the car to the right and just behind me.

It was a man in a mini-van with what looked like his kid(s). At first I thought the kid was playing a video game and he must be cheering him on (or something).

So I did what all good citizens do. I quickly turned my radio off and stretched my ears for a good listen.

"I say, 'Just kill 'em.' You have people saying (garbly-couldn't-hear-garbly). I say kill 'em. Problem solved."

Wow. Talk about diplomacy.

I'm dying to know who he was talking about. His neighbor who lets his dog poop in his yard? Terrorists?

I'll never know. How sad.

Annnnd...that's all I've got for you today, folks. Nothing profound here. Nothing to see. Keep it moving. Move it along.

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