June 02, 2009

Pregnancy Hormones and I Need to Break Up

Pregnancy mood swings are no joke. I'm not sure that getting deeply core-irritated because someone is still talking for 35 seconds longer than I would have liked them to is very healthy. I'm also not sure that rush hour traffic is good enough reason for a near-emotional breakdown.

Ok, I exaggerate.

But barely.

I've been reading lots about pregnancy, and I find myself being a little ridiculous.

If I read that your sense of smell becomes sharper, then I can suddenly smell the neighbor's raw beef they're cooking...two houses over.

I need to get a grip.

Certainly, some things have absolutely been true. The first thing is that I'm constantly exhausted. If I get up at 8 and have mild activity for approximately 4 hours, all I can think about is how I wiped out I am, and how I desperately need a nap.

Is this normal??

I hope so, because if not, I've just created a new normal.

It's been a blast to share the news though. I love dropping the bomb on people. And not, you know, that kind of bomb. (Although I hear too that that type of bomb is also a side effect of pregnancy.)

Thank you everyone for your excitement and for sharing in such joy with us. I will continue to keep you updated, and feel free to share any funny pregnancy/irrational-hormone stories you may have!


  1. So funny! I wasnt much for weird cravings like some ladies are. With my daughters I just craved citrus stuff. With my son, one time I caught myself in the kitchen with a cup of applesauce dipping BBQ flavored pringles into it. Used it as a dip! And yes, it tasted amazing!!! Dont be afraid to try something new, or some weird mix of food-you might like it LOL! I was completely exhausted during my pregnancies. I will take being tired over puking anyday. I had no morning sickness at all.(I surely counted my blessings!)


  2. Haha Oh I totally understand where you are coming from. I can be INSIDE of my house and tell what the neighbors are cooking for dinner. It's nuts.

    I just wanted to let you know that i am right there with you on the emotional break downs. I am about 10 weeks along and I've cried almost every single day. I also feel totally alone even though that is not the case whatsoever!

    Hang in there, there are other preggos (Like me!) out there suffering with you!