June 14, 2009

My Bravery Astounds Me

My bravery has reached new levels.

Deeper depths.

Higher heights.


I killed two spiders this past week.


Actually, really only one, because the other was already dead, but I didn't know that when I came upon it. So it counts as two.

For those of you who know me even a tiny smidgeon, this is akin to the building of the Great Wall of China. Years of construction and preparation.

Thank you. Yes, thank you. That's very kind of you, thank you.

Deeper thoughts to come. Please tune back in.


  1. congrats ssssara! very proud of you!

  2. SPIDERS, BUGS and MOTHS..GROSS. Congratulations on your amazing bravery!

  3. I'm left speechless, it's like me going to the jungle & killing a lion!!! No, it's better than that. To know you even went near something squiggly on the floor and stomped out it's very life, I'm telling you; speechless!!!!