June 04, 2009

Let's Talk About a Few Things

I'd like to talk today about a few things that bother me...

...Rush hour traffic.

...Passengers who think they know more than I do about the airline world.

...Passengers who think that kiosk check-in is a cruel form of punishment reserved for only the most evil, rather than an actually very efficient tool.

...Passengers who...(ok, I'm over them).

...Useless confrontation. (Especially when I get sucked into it, and end up feeling like an idiot afterward that I even went there.)

I'm drawing a blank. Good. I'd hate to think that I'm a particularly prickly person.

That is some amazing alliteration.

Now for some things that I enjoy (and am thankful for, because I just remembered it's Thankful Thursday!)...

...My husband. Most wonderful man ever.

...Being pregnant. Even if it's only me that can tell right now.

...Passengers who believe me. (I promise I did not make up the $15 bag charge just to pocket a few extra dollars every day.)


...PARTIES. I am a people-person in my bone marrow.

What are some things that bother you? How about some things you enjoy? You know, honestly, I'm more interested in the things that bother you. Is that sick?

Come on, all you lurkers! Time to make yourself known!


  1. Hmmmmmmm, where to begin with what bugs?

    Top 10 list:

    1) Going into a ladies restroom, trashcan right next to toilet & they insist on throwing their trash on the floor (OK it's a pet peeve since I'm a janitor)

    2) The lady I always seem to get behind when I'm going to Santa Fe, who insist on going 52.5 miles a hour in the fast lane with 10 cars behind her and a semi next to her. No getting around her.

    3) My neighbor who insist on riding her horse down our street leaving little piles of you know what all the way down the street. I guess I should be thankful she is nourishing the ground.

    4) Standing in the bank line 20 deep and the lady at the counter is going on & on with the cashier as if they are the only 2 people in the world (or at least in the bank)

    5) Putting a load of clothes in the dryer, but forgetting to take the shirt out that shouldn't get dried. At least when I take it out I can give it to my niece since it's not even close to the size it was when I put it in!!!

    6) Looking for a phone number I wrote on a piece of paper for safe keeping (no telling where that piece of paper is).

    7) Telling myself not to forget something when I leave the house & getting 20 minutes away from the house & remember what I told myself not to forget, that I forgot!!

    8) Getting through my work out, sweating my butt off, coming in the house & a cookie has a stare down with me. Bugs the heck out of me when the cookie wins.

    9) Calling my sister to tell her something & ask her to guess what it is. She always guesses on the first try!!!

    10) Responding to a "bug list"!! I have way to much time on my hands to be writing this list.


  2. Not being able to fall asleep when I know I have to get up early in the morning.

    Being late for something and walking in to have everyone turn and look at you.

    When someone tells me how the movie ends while I am watching it.

    Waking up too early on my day off when I've dreamed of sleeping in.

    People that swerve into my lane in order to pass a vehicle turning.

    Realizing I am out of milk after I have already poured my cereal.

    Patients that demand being seen today when they should of made an appointment 2 weeks ago like I suggested.

    When the person next to me takes up both arm rests on the airplane.

    Stubbing my toe on furniture. It actually makes me so mad!

    These are just a few..most of them are ridiculous that they would even irritate me..


  3. Ooooo this should be fun!

    1. People who wear black tennis shoes on the court--very tacky

    2. Contol freaks---even they comments they leave are annoying.

    3. I get behind the same lady that irritates your Mom going to Santa Fe----she travels elsewhere!

    4. Women who talk and say nothing just to hear themselves make noise!!!!

    5. Having the ladies restroom door open to the inside at the airport----crazy!!!!!!!!!

    Things I LOVE!
    1. Knowing my husband supports me 110% but still can tell me when I am wrong.

    2. The smell of my neighborhood

    3. Mornings----love them

    4. Getting to see my adorable family--Austen and Jordan coming in 4 days!!!

    5. snuggling with the husband!

    6. Love Love Love my job and people I work with.

  4. Sara---I forgot to list the MOST IMPORTANT ANNOYANCE of all time! When I was pregnant with Danny we lived in Myrtle Beach in a condo at the golf course. I would sit at the pool alot. The last week of the pregnancy I was there almost everyday--It was so hot and he was born in July!

    These 2 kids at the pool played Marco Polo forever!!! I thought I was going to loose my mind! I just wanted some peace and quiet and for hours all I heard was Marco----Polo----Marco---Polo. To this day it drives me NUTS to hear kids play that at the pool!!! Some things just never go away-----lol


  5. man- I am trying really hard to come up with a list that annoys me!
    - kids getting out of their seatbelt when we stop and they weren't getting out.
    - the forever drive to Ne -18 hours
    - mosquitos they are on a mission to find the one untouched place on your body without spray and BITE!
    - one sided friendship, one sided calls, one sided interest
    -refrigerated butter that i want to spread on toast!
    - the many hours and miles between me and home! (did I say that already?)