May 26, 2009

Do You Hear the Words Coming Out of My Mouth???

It's that time again.

A new post.

I've actually been mulling this one over for a few days, but I haven't had the peace and quiet and alone time to sit down and actually put ink to paper, if you will. And I hope you will.

I had a fantastic time in Costa Rica, but the thing that I missed the absolute most was my time with the Lord. We were literally around multiple other people 24/7 so there wasn't much alone time. Mothers, I have a new, albeit tiny, understanding.

Many times on our vacation I just ached to be alone with Him. Alone in His Word. Alone under the shadow of His wings. Alone in pouring out my heart to Him.

I finally got the chance on our return trip.

Matt and I were on our way home, seated in seats 8B and 8C on our flight from Denver to Missoula, and I just literally couldn't take if for one more second. It was the most alone I'd been in almost two weeks and I had to seize the opportunity.

And by alone, I mean I was one of nearly 50 passengers in a metal tube 40,000 feet up in the air.

But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

So I seized the opportunity and started as I normally do, pouring my heart out to the Lord. Asking Him to convict me of any sin that I'm blind to or deceived by; any areas of offense that I've not seen or overlooked. Asked Him to prepare my heart to read His Word. To please give me understanding and wisdom and insight and discernment as I read His Word.

And through a roundabout way I ended up in 1st Timothy Ch. 4. One of my favorite chapters anyway, since the Lord has used it in the past to minister to my then broken and insecure heart.

But He illumined a different portion to me this time, and the revelation of it quite convicted me.

The NAS version is very near and dear to me, but I was using Matt's Bible, the NLT, and I loved the way it was phrased.

(Quick side note: a very wise person recently said that if a passage of Scripture is becoming too familiar that you easily skim through it and it lacks the brevity it should possess, then read it in an entirely different translation.)


Here we go, back on track.

We don't have the time for me to lay out my whole time of study, so I just want to highlight one solitary sentence out of one solitary verse.

"Train yourself to be godly" (1st Tim. 4:7b).

For those of you who read this blog who may not know Christ as He's revealed Himself through Scripture, this verse will probably not mean much. If that's the case, please feel free to leave me a comment, and we can discuss in much greater detail and depth the Christian worldview.

For those of you who do know Christ, this may make much more sense.

In context, this verse instructs us to discipline ourselves in the pursuit of godliness.

What does this mean?

It means that we can know Christ and still be ungodly and untrained.

I was about to list a whole plethora of reasons in which I've personally witnessed this to be true, but I don't care to narrow your understanding. I much prefer for you to mull this over.

Are there areas of ungodliness in your life?

And I'm not talking about moments of sin, such as lashing out in anger or impatience. I'm talking about a willful choice of character. In the name of freedom.

How does this chapter end?

"Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you" (1st Tim. 4:16, emphasis mine).

What do people hear coming out of your mouth?

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