April 19, 2009

Deep Thoughts on Potlucking

In answer to all of your questions, the photo at the top is from our wedding, and I'm not sure why you haven't seen it, you probably have and just don't remember.
(Ok, there weren't really "all of your questions"... really just in answer to Linda's.)
On a totally different and unrelated note, I love potlucks.
I just don't love them when I have to bring something. There's too much pressure to demonstrate your amazing cooking-ness.
Let's be honest. I cook. I'm not an amazing cook. I cook to eat, and so that my husband can eat, and so that 3 quarters of our paychecks don't go towards the establishment of Eating Out.
And I confess, 99.9% of the products I bring to potlucks have not actually been made by me, per se, and if I were real honest, I probably only brought them because I had a hankerin' for them, if you will.
Case in point: tonight I'm bringing Lemon Meringue pie. Have I really thought about if that's practical or reasonable, or if others would even enjoy it? No.
The only thoughts going through my head are,
Shoot, I forgot about the potluck tonight. I hate having to bring something, it's too much stress to try to impress others with my homemade stuffed mushrooms (not that I've ever actually made those), but I'm tired just thinking about it. Ummm, that Lemon Meringue pie at Rosauers is so good. Hey, I could bring that, and then just get a slice really quickly, and then I don't have to feel bad for spending $7 on a pie for myself, and I can still have a slice. Yeah, that's good.
I recognize that we all have gifts, and some are gifted in potlucking. I am not one of them. I laud them, and their culinary works of art. I simply ask that they not judge, lest they be judged, my Rosauers Lemon Meringue, complete with tacky price sticker ($6.99).
On a more random note, check out Sophie's many different breakfast ideas. May you be inspired.


  1. Boy, am I glad you remembered all those cooking skills I taught you growing up(buying cakes at Walmart, rotisserie chicken at Boston Market, veggie dishes at Sam's Club, mashed potatoes & gravy at KFC, meatloaf at Smiths, vanilla pudding cake at Rudy's, chicken salad at Peggy's ). I should stop here, I don't want to give away all my "potluck secrets", especially since I have received quite a bit of compliments over the years on my "exceptional dishes". On a side note, I am also in a coffee pot dilemma. Our coffee pot has been on the blink for a couple of months. I have been to the store several times to buy one, but too many choices so I just stick with the partial out of order one at home!!! I like your "Thankful Thursday" ideal. I am going to make a point to start writing down things I am grateful for on Thursday's (although it's much easier to voice my complaints)!!! Love, Mama

  2. You can bring Lemon Pie to my house anytime!