April 27, 2009

I Laughed So Hard I Cried

Many of you know that I am an obsessive reader. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a book in my hand. Including, but not limited to, at church, restaurants, and college classrooms.

I kid you not when I say that if I happened to run to the bathroom without a book, I had to have something to read so desperately that I would read through the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner bottles, challenging myself to pronounce the scientific names correctly.

I know, it's probably a sickness, but it's also a reality.

So anywho, for the last several years, my favorite sort of fiction books have been high-suspense, CIA sort of thrillers. Some of my favorite authors are Ted Dekker, Tim Downs, Joel Rosenberg, T.L. Hines, and Mark Andrew Olsen, just to name a few.

Amongst those, however, Tim Downs ranks at the top, mainly because he is HILARIOUS.

So the other week, I was at the end of his book, Less Than Dead, and he wrote this one part so hilariously that I had to include it here for your viewing pleasure. I hope the funny translates, even not having read the whole book.

The story picks up in the middle of a high-speed chase...

"He's trying to push us over the edge!" Alena shouted.

"Slam on the brakes and make him run into us," Nick said. "It might wreck his engine - then we can pull away."

"Trygg is in the back - the collision could kill her. And what if we wreck our truck but not his engine? Then we can't pull away."

"Good point. I'll keep working on it."

"How close is he right now?"

Nick looked. "Our bumpers are almost kissing. Why?"

"Hang on!"

Alena steered the truck directly toward a sheer drop-off, then at the last possible moment cut the wheel hard and let the tail swing into the turn. The cab slumped precariously to the right as the rear wheel slipped of the shoulder and spun in midair before the truck pulled itself back onto the road.

"Did it work?" Alena shouted.

"That depends. Were you trying to make me wet my pants?"

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  1. hey Sara, if you like thriller kind of books, try the ones by Harlan Coben. He is an amazing author! Thought you might be interested! Thanks for your blog by the way, I enjoy reading your stories! Hope all is well for you. Take care! -Sonia